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Living Up to her Energetic Presence, Josey Releases her Latest Single, "Look It Up"

Josey thrives in the genres of Soul, Pop, and R&B. Hailing from Houston, Texas, she was crowned the winner of the talent competition "The Fame Chicago" in 2016. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Music degree in 2017, Josey moved to Nashville, to further pursue her artist and songwriting career.

Striving to create a unique balance of the genres she dominates, Josey sings to express, not impress. Her songwriting focuses on self-love and the obstacles she has faced as an underdog and overcoming them.

In the loud and proud anthem that Josey delves into with her most recent single, “Look It Up,” we hear her daring timbres shine bright as a vocalist with a serious set of pipes. “Look It Up,” digs into the subject matter that surrounds people from the outside underestimating the buoyant character that Josey powers out from within.

In the carefully crafted words executed in the lively Pop-fueled record, Josey makes it known that they can continue to push her buttons, but it will take more than that for her to succumb to their antics. There is a self-assured tone that thunders through the vocal performance exuded by Josey. The fluent combination of her prevailing voice cascades with the delicate trickles of the instrumentation to become one in a unified manner of victorious rulings. We admire the details that went into the arrangement of this track.

Every harmony, beat drop, and perfectly timed melody has its own place to further ignite the fire in Josey’s audience. With her presence radiating intoxicating charisma, Josey has the gift of being able to pull listeners in as they relate to her messaging on an intrapersonal level. “Look It Up,” is sure to turn heads and have the flock swarming towards her.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Josey, and congratulations on the release of, “Look It Up.” What state of mind were you in when writing this song? How long did it take you to get the masterpiece out?

Thank you so much! I was in a good state of mind however I was very annoyed, wanted to rant, and kinda be petty really haha. This was a great writer with my friend and songwriter Hera Lynn. We finished the song in a few hours and the first hour we mainly just spent talking.

How does “Look It Up,” compare to other songs found in your music catalog?

I think Look it up-fits very well in my catalog. The song tempo-wise is kinda in between TMI and Energy. It's not super upbeat like TMI but it's not as relaxed and chill as Energy. This song is really sassy and has a nice kick to it. It is different from my past releases but still sounds like me. It's all in the same vibe, just different colors of my sound and personality are shown.

As a born performer, have the events of 2020 leading into 2021 shaped a new approach to your craft and your ability to perform at notable venues?

Yes definitely, I think the pandemic made me take a step back and just focus on the craft and writing songs. Touring and playing live shows is pretty much out the window till next year. I miss live music more than anything but it has been nice to take time to practice piano and guitar more, rest my voice and learn more material. So now my focus is pushing songs on social media and trying to write the best songs I can while working on my stamina, vocal, and performance skills. So when we do get to play live again, I'll have lots of new material, I'll be better than before and hopefully on bigger stages!

How have you found yourself growing as an artist from your first release to the release of, “Look It Up?"

Yes, I was soo pressed and nitty-gritty about my first release and I wanted everything to be perfect. Now I feel it gets easier each time and my priorities as an artist are different now. In my first release, I was planning two release shows and submitting to blogs for press and having band practice. Now everything is still hectic. I'm still pushing for the press and asking people individually to pre-save my song. However, I'm more focused on the big picture, not just one show or release party or how well the song will do in one town.

What is the main message you'd like to deliver as an artist?

The main message I want to deliver as an artist would be to love unapologetically. Love yourself, love others, and love what you do. Queen Dolly Parton says "Figure out who you are and do it on purpose". I love her and that quote! Find yourself, what you love, who you love, and make no apologies for it!



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