LM Eazii Easily Captures Our Attention With Hip/Hop Single "Crescent Moon"

Recording artist LM Eazii currently resides in Philadelphia, and is making waves within the music industry with his Hip/Hop and Rap stylings! One major element to the sound that makes up LM Eazii is his inherently natural talent at communicating his verses with listeners throughout his tracks. We don't feel intimidated by LM Eazii--we feel at ease with him and his sound. LM Eazii has had a passion for music engrained within him for as long as he can remember, and once he started curating music, that passion finally had an outlet. Now releasing new music, LM Eazii is showcasing a variety of his artistic talents with listeners, and recently, this came through the release of "Crescent Moon".

"Crescent Moon" has been released by LM Eazii, and the track features a heavy Hip/Hop and Rap sounding.

However, we definitely have to note the underlying beat, and how insanely catchy its repetitiveness is throughout the track. LM Eazii strategically executes his vocal performance by ensuring he doesn't overpower the melody, but also that the melody doesn't overpower him. And so, we have the perfect equilibrium between artist and production, which we don't always receive with artists! LM Eazii isn't a newbie to the music scene though, which is why the crafting of "Crescent Moon" is smooth and flows effortlessly. LM Eazii's music is featured across all platforms, which means it's quite easy to give a listen to the artist and his manifested truth-telling in his tracks! 

Give a listen to "Crescent Moon" here.


Hey LM Eazii! Thanks for coming to BuzzMusic. We gave a listen to "Crescent Moon" and instantly felt connected with the track. How did you feel listeners would genuinely connect with the track?

The truth usually hits people at a level where it causes reaction...I understand this is a new age of sensitivity & I want to put that to the test. So I speak my mind at a rate where it should ruffle some feathers.

Would you say that your initial vision for "Crescent Moon" maintained itself all throughout the recording process, or was it switched-up at any point? Do you typically remain constant with your vision, or is your vision dynamic and constantly changing?

Yeah, when I wrote it I had this pain/honest episode. My feelings for a beat maintains itself, especially when it's strong. On the contrary, I do switch up sometimes. Sometimes it takes a while for me to catch feelings for a beat but crescent moon came naturally.

There are definitely prominent contemporary soundings within "Crescent Moon", as well as other tracks you've notably released. Do you embed modern elements within your tracks purposefully, or does that just come with the synthesizing of the beat?

Oh yeah. I have to keep up with the times...you have to adapt when the world is on a new wave...I try to connect the new with my traditional rapping style... it's all purposely! You may even see me do tracks with melody throughout...I'm inspired by this new generation...they're really dope.

Are there any goals you set for yourself artistically in 2019 that you ended up achieving?! 

Yeah to attract as much attention as possible...labels fans other rappers...it definitely worked for me...2020 it's time to make a bigger impact...I will be going up within the next few months. Take risk & jump out windows !!

It was a pleasure to feature you and your tract "Crescent Moon" on BuzzMusic! What's the next step for you now artistically? 

I appreciate you guys! It's hard to get noticed when ppl are afraid to touch you...I'm going to speak more truth I'm going to keep adapting & I have to make an impact in this next year... it's a mandatory goal...more eyes more ears shows & business!





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