Lo-Fi Rnb Vibes From rthm&flo With Their Latest Release "Hurricane"

rthm&flo is a Boston based super duo consisting of Vinnie K and Charlie Tripp who create Pop, RnB, and Rap. Their influences are spread across blues and other forms of rock causing a unique shine on their music. Recently the duo released the single "Hurricane" and it is a modern Lo-Fi trip out. The record features a mellotron like a lead line that repeats throughout the song, a quirky little flute that comes and goes building dynamics in the song, punchy laid back drum rhythms, and super chill honest vocals. "Hurricane" opens up with its esoteric mellotron line before the whole groove kicks in with the vocals, the vocal performance is super relaxed here, it feels extremely honest and intricate that dynamically flows between each section providing a fantastic feeling that makes you slowly rock your head back and forth.

The chorus of "Hurricane" introduces the quirky little flute that lifts everything to an airy masterpiece with exciting vocal harmonies and a more upbeat drum groove. Every element within this record comes together in a well-thought manner that helps to create a lovely evolving experience that takes you on a journey as you listen. We can't wait to see what else this duo can do.

Listen to "Hurricane" here.