Local New Yorker Takes on the Haters with His Newest Single “845”

Against all odds, Gordon Latta, or well known as G845 has managed to come out on top and continue to pursue his passion for music production despite all the negative from haters. The 27-year-old rapper from Haverstraw, New York, prides himself on being self-made. Coming from a small town that is known for gang violence, police brutality, and injustice, Gordon draws on these experiences as lyrical inspiration. Not only does he write his original works, but also creates the artwork as well as promotes his own music without the help of anyone. With nine singles already released, G845 shows his drive and dedication to the music industry.  

His recent single “845” is a song dedicated to himself. He explores the depths of proving others wrong and focusing on what's important to him. “845” is a direct reference to his hometown, New York. Rapper prides himself “on turning nothing into something”. From dealing with breakups and negativity, the rapper's number one focus is moving forward. Given his reference toward the end of the song “Started from the bottom where I made a couple flips”, Drake is potentially one of his inspirations or at least somebody whom he connects with both starting from nothing and trying to make something of themselves. Not only are the lyrics deep, but he also shows you his talent in music production by selecting sounds that infuse Hip-Hop and R&B. 

Listen to "845" here.

Hey G845, welcome to BuzzMusic. Tell us about the creation of your artist name G845 and what significant meaning it holds to you?

My nickname is G, it’s just short for my real name (Gordon) just a name I grew up with. Since I’m from Rockland (845) that’s where the 845 comes from.

Being told that you'd never be successful or that you wouldn't be good enough, what inspired you along your journey and what difficulties have you faced?

Everybody’s a critic. I’ve always had someone doubt me along the way. People told me since I’m from Rockland that I wouldn’t be successful since no one from out here has ever made it. I wanna be the first to do that. The first one to show everyone that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

What kind of inspiration do you draw on when it comes to writing/ making your music?

My inspiration I get to writing/ making my music comes from my life, the stuff I’ve witnessed growing up, struggling, family, and my history with police. 

“845” sounds like a song that's dedicated to yourself, can you tell us about the overall message being portrayed throughout this track?

I’m one of the few people representing Rockland so I wanted to make a kind of anthem, but at the same time tell you a little about myself. Just to wake people up.

Thank you so much G845. We enjoyed listening to your track. What can we expect from you in 2020?

In 2020 you can expect more music, and actual music videos for all my songs, 2020 is going to be a big year for me.