Lockup Comes Out with High-Intensity Hip/Hop Single, "Busdown"

Canadian artist Lockup is coming hot and heavy with new music, inspired by his everyday, chaotic life. Lockup is all about expressing glamour, all while integrating raw and real elements of his persona into his music. Lockup is the kind of music artist that's difficult to forget, primarily because he really does have such an exclusive sound.

You hear his track, and with the manipulating of voice annotation within it, you'll always know if it's a Lockup production or not. One of his latest tracks, "Busdown", proves this to be true, and listeners are in for a real treat when it comes to Lockup's emulated effect. 

"Busdown" begins with a smooth collection of hip/hop-inspired lo-fi beats, which naturally grace the track with a certain type of elevated-feel. The energy assimilated in "Busdown" is all apparent, and Lockup proves his ability to hone into a compelling and captivating performance with his projected persona.

The fast-paced tempo combines well with the motives of the track, where Lockup speaks on lust, motivation, aspirations, and vitality of life. There's truly a never dull moment within "Busdown", which is so characterizable of the kind of quality Lockup crafts within his tracks. "Busdown" only sets Lockup for further success, and we're highly anticipating future music from this hip/hop artist. 

Would you say that the verses embedded into "Busdown" were reflective of your own personal life? Yeah in the sense that ion necessarily have all this money and do this all the time but there are times that I really do be doing this crazy fun lifestyle, and I’m not out here toting straps I’m trying to promote less fun stuff cause that’s simply not me so I try to put that in my bars like “watchu need a stick for” and “ain’t toting straps cause I don’t need a gun”

What was the most stand-out verse to you once you finished writing "Busdown"?

Well, my favorite bar is at the end of the second verse fast part where I say “We in the streets just like TMNT you be a rat I’m the shredder” little throwback teenage mutant ninja turtle bars mixed in with street metaphors. When I say this hard stuff I try to not take myself too seriously and have fun with the bars cause that’s what I’m like in person Within the past couple of years of your artistry, and subsequent releases of songs, which track do you feel contrasts most to "Busdown" and do you think it contrasts in a complementary way or extremely divergent way?

I would say either headshot 2 or uzi flow because each song has my sound and style of fast high energy verses, I really think that the energy that you can pass through a song is the most important part of the track and I think I can consistently do that nowadays with these explosive bars that you can still hear what I’m actually saying and I think they all fit into the category of my energy. 

Where's the path of your music taking you next now that "Busdown" is successfully released?

It’s time to show people that we aren’t making the same freestyle piano type beats rapping about guns we don’t have anymore I’m trying to be more real and release industry sounds and really make a splash in my second year in the music scene 

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

Hard work.