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Lone Wild: ‘Locktup,’ In This Funky Beat

The Nashville-based four-piece rock band made up of Ashkan Karimi, Austin Donoho, Ben Blount, and Aaron Seale invite us to dance the night away with their new single ‘Locktup.’

'Locktup' takes an infectious and funky spin on contemporary alternative rock. The single begins with a funky, drum beat and flows naturally into the capturing lower and higher-toned octave lead vocals. Lone Wild’s instrumentation builds up, leaving the listener bobbing their head and tapping their feet to the sound of bongos.

Ashkan describes the inspiration for Lone Wild’s newest track from a melody he thought up while on a run, as a way to cope with the stress of being isolated during the height of the pandemic. Ashkan says the writing process for 'Locktup' was a “way to throw away all the negative and thoughts in the trash.

Despite all this funk, the band makes it clear they will continue to write vulnerable songs in addition, to these groovy anthems. Lone Wild is looking forward to getting back on the road and playing new music for crowds.

Discover more about Lone Wild here.


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