"Lonely Love" by Max Earnshaw Is the Song You Need on Your Playlist Right Now!

22-year-old Max Earnshaw from Auckland, New Zealand is a strong engaging music artist with a sound that's filled with driving rock instruments and surprising rhythmic offbeats. Max has been developing as a performer and songwriter since the age of 8 where he was entertaining and bringing smiles to faces on the streets of Christchurch. Max along with his band have impressively appeared in major events such as Christmas In The Park, the Rugby World Cup, and the A&P show. 

A Rock/ Pop artist with very catchy melodic tunes that will stay in your head long after the songs have finished. Max brings a very captivating look to the stage that will bring you in. His energetic stage presence is infectious and has a sound that is undoubtedly unique. Influenced by Jazz and Blues genres, Earnshaw can be found in Auckland smashing live scenes and venues alongside emerging and upcoming New Zealand acts. Following his debut single “Temporarily” on NZ radio and media, he released a new single “Lonely Love”. A track that portrays emotional heartbreak along with powerful deep rock music.  You’ll feel the energetic presence in the song the moment you throw it on. It’s very groovy and fun and will have you dancing along to it. A definite song for your fee-good playlist.

Listen to "Lonely Love" here.

Hey Max, thanks for being here with us at BuzzMusic! What made you decide to pursue a career in music? 

Hi there, thanks for having me! Music has always been a passion of mine from an early age. I started busking on the streets of Christchurch (NZ) when I was 8 years old! I think a lot of it combines with my passion to perform and entertain people. For me, there’s no greater feeling than seeing someone having a great time and connecting with your music. I started doing music, and never stopped!

Does “Lonely Love” relate to you in any way? How does it relate or differ from your other single “Temporarily”?

“Temporarily” is a song that articulates the greed in people and the need for material things (even though they don’t last). Whereas "Lonely Love” reflects the emotional heartbreak of an unfixable relationship. They are very different subjects! I often write about situations I see in the real world around me, and I take and internalize that idea before it all comes out on the page.

What & who have been some of your biggest inspirations along your journey?

I think my biggest inspiration is people's belief in other people, and what they can achieve! I’ve been incredibly fortunate enough to have and work with amazing people around me in my life, who have always supported me. I also look up to a lot of iconic and confident performers like Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson, and musically I look to people like The Black Keys, John Mayer, and Rex Orange County.

We love the powerful contagious energy and unique sounds in your tracks. Do you see yourself blending any other genres into your music in the future? 

Totally! I’ve always loved singing and listening to many genres and I love letting them influence my sound and writing style, especially Pop, Jazz, and Blues. The more I can approach writing in a different way and then bring it back to a rock sound (my first love), the better! "Lonely Love” started off as a Singer-Songwriter type song on my acoustic guitar before the Rock and Pop started to build around it.

Thank you so much, Max! What's next for you in 2020?

This summer I am back into writing and planning, I’m definitely looking to create a bigger body of work in the near future, (although I love Singles!!) And this release is such a great send-off for me this year. There are a few other things like touring, collaborations, and videos that will be happening soon! Thanks so much for having me!