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Lonesome Rhodes Releases a Warning Sign With His Compelling Single, "Bad News"

Hailing from Texas, the keyboard and piano-based Singer/Songwriter Lonesome Rhodes has his guard up with his latest Alt-Pop single, "Bad News."

After being a classically trained pianist for ten years and graduating from the University of Austin with a degree in Rhetoric and Writing, Lonesome Rhodes took it upon himself to delve deeper into his solo music career. 

Through his recent hit "Bad News," Lonesome Rhodes takes the track by storm with his unique and biting vocal stylings while telling a story of unnecessary control. The surrounding instrumentation offer similarities to the sweet sounds of Tame Impala, allowing listeners to drift into their own daydream. 

"Bad News" begins with a mid-tempo drum beat, droning electric guitar, and melodically rhythmic keys. As Lonesome Rhodes begins singing with his unique and authentic sound, he shifts from major to minor and back to major to give an exhilarating and ear-pleasing experience. Going deeper into the song, Lonesome Rhodes' lyricism basks in the spotlight while telling a story of being under a puppetmaster's control. 

Rhodes sings the story to what seems like a friend, warning them of the embrace they long for from someone who might be "Bad News." The song's sweet instrumentals offer listeners a blissful Alternative-Pop experience through each warm sonic element, helping the song pitch camp in our minds to linger long after. 

With each twist and turn, Lonesome Rhodes has evidently perfected the craft of effective songwriting through his lyrics on "Bad News," while rounding the song out with dreamy instrumentation that floats above like a cloud in the sky. 

We genuinely love the overall sound and approach you've delivered with your single, "Bad News." What inspired you to create this dreamy tune?

I think my approach to songwriting in 2020 has been all about honing in on the idea of making something “classic.” I think doing that involves simple but substantive live instrumentation, relatable lyrics, and singable choruses. In short, I want Lonesome Rhodes to feel like it was written by a human being rather than a computer. I hope my current songwriting gets stuck in your head and makes you want to sing along: the same way you would feel if The Beach Boys or ABBA came on your shuffle.

Regarding your conceptual lyricism within "Bad News," how did you manage to write such compelling words that tell an experienced story of troubled love? What was your songwriting process like?

I penned the song about a personal experience of a manipulative person in my life, incorporating a phrase often used in my friend group: “she (or he) is bad news.” I feel like we have all been lead on by somebody romantically or watched a good friend go through it, and I believe the subject was a relatable but under-discussed theme in popular music.

Speaking on the warm instrumentals within "Bad News," why did you want to supply the song with such dreamy and exhilarating instrumentals? How do the sonics complement your lyricism?

I wrote “Bad News” to groove. I intentionally simplified the pushing of the Wurlitzer chords to meld seamlessly with the driving guitar and bass, to give the song that “toe-tapper” feel. We added layers of extra keyboard and synth in the background to give the song a lift in the choruses.

Seeing as you're working on a forthcoming album to be released in 2021, is "Bad News" the first single off the upcoming project? Or are you creating something entirely different from what you've recently released?

“Bad News” is the second of two singles (the other being “Dream Machine”) from our upcoming album. We are set to record 7-8 more tracks in November that connect sonically to these first two singles by focusing on Wurlitzer/rhodes/piano, snappy drum arrangements, and driving guitar licks. The lyrics also have similar themes running through them, namely the passing of time and its connection to the crests and troughs of relationships.

What can listers anticipate to hear next from you?

Listeners can expect to hear more catchy, relatable, and thought-provoking indie-pop. I truly believe there isn’t another artist in 2020 who is writing and arranging with the groovy, keys-driven, background vocal-infused style that we are. I can’t wait to release Album #2, so y’all can hear what we have been cooking up in quarantine.

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