Longshot Takes It All in Stride With, "I'm Not OK"

From Chi-Town to Minneapolis, the Emcee and Hip-Hop Artist Longshot takes us through the grind with his latest wavy single, "I'm Not OK."

Known as one of the most hard-working and underrated emcees in the business, Longshot is used to turning a few heads. Through life experiences, inspirations, and dreams, Longshot fuels his lyrical content with nothing but truth and raw emotion, striving to motivate and empower his listeners.

Recently releasing his honest and hard-hitting single, "I'm Not OK," Longshot brings a dynamic performance as he exudes each emotion within. While rapping over a modern Hip-Hop beat with extensive synth use and eerie undertones, Longshot keeps us engaged in the song's gripping atmosphere.

Also releasing a tightly-edited black and white lyric video for the single, "I'm Not OK," Longshot brings listeners a step closer to feel the emotion he's placed into each bar and lyric. Diving into the single itself, the track opens with ominous synths and hefty drum breaks that stomp through our speakers with might.

Getting into Longshot's performance, we're more than impressed with his rhythmic bars and organic sense of poise as he spills each lyric with his entire heart. Not to mention the wise lyrical message Longshot offers, we're left preaching his words with lyrics like "-if you really making moves then you gone have enemies, nevermind none of those, just shine on them h*es."

After taking a listen to Longshot's single, "I'm Not OK," we genuinely feel that he's a man of the people, as each raw, emotional, and inspirational lyric he sweetly delivers always seems to have a deeper and more relatable meaning behind it.

Hello Longshot and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the authenticity and honesty you've created with your single, "I'm Not OK." What inspired you to make this piece?

The world we are living(dying) in inspired this song. "I'm not ok." is a feeling that all of us, especially in 2020, felt or are still feeling.

What was your songwriting process like for "I'm Not OK?" How did you craft your bars to tell your truth and motivate listeners at the same time?

My songwriting process is I let the beats talk to me and tell me what to translate. My songs are spirit-driven...spirits within the beat, spiritual ancestors speaking to/thru me. I use the music and the process of creating music to help heal myself and others.

Speaking on the production for your single "I'm Not OK," why did you feel that producer V.I. The Boss was a good fit for the type of vibe you were looking for?

V.I The Boss is my younger blood brother and he is a genius with the beats and rhymes. This score in particular just really spoke to me with the haunting vibes of the keys. V.I's production is always a beautiful challenge.

Do you usually take these in-depth, emotional, and honest lyrical routes within your music? What themes do you often cover in your songs?

I think like all great art my songs reflect the many human emotions I experience. I'm not always thinking or feeling "deeply". I don't always wanna party. Sometimes I wanna reflect on my childhood, other times I wanna rap about weed and fat asses. And again, the production plays a huge part in my songwriting/theme choosing process.

What can we expect to see throughout 2021 from you?

In this new year, I will be releasing something. I'm not exactly sure what's coming out first or an order, but I am definitely working every day and am super excited to share the new music. I'm just trying to be a better person every day. Sending love, healing, and safety to all and prosperous 2021.