Looking Back at Chad Michael's Progressive 2019!

Who is the one and only Chad Michael? Chad Michael is a dedicated, self-employed, professional artist whose not only musically talented but educated as well. He’s a former collegiate athlete and an English graduate, complete package right? During his years in college, Chad Michael tapped into a source he didn’t previously recognize, using his music to express his soul and the reality of how he feels.

Chad Michael is a phenomenal artist whose work-ethic is remarkable. He moved to Los Angeles and became a self-taught audio engineer, graphic designer, and performer. He’s a complete jack of all trades. The smallest details matter in a song. Sometimes, changing a single word can change the impact of an entire record. Obsessing over the details of performance could make it a show no one ever forgets. Chad Michael takes on the entirety of this perspective and uses it to advance his artistry. Learning the history of an entire culture of music will always make the music of the present more impactful and that is exactly why Chad Michael has caught our eye as an artist. Although he’s naturally gifted, he’s completely committed to being the best version of himself. Each time we get to feature Chad on BuzzMusic, he grows in a new way. His commitment, combined with a contrasting approach to production, makes for an exhilarating performances. It's what makes Chad the artist of the day, and someone we’re sure we'll hear more from in the new decade.

Listen to the artistic creations of Chad Michael here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Chad Michael! What has been the biggest challenge you had to overcome in your career in 2019 and what have you learned from it?

Thank y'all for the feature! It means a lot to be recognized. This year has been a year of underground growth for me, meaning that after I released Rain III in March, I dived back into learning more of the basics. That meant fewer new releases and more music theory, marketing techniques, and overall just trying to round me into a more complete artist. That meant shooting my most complete, beautiful visual to date - the video for 4th Ave - over the course of two weeks, in two states, and then editing it completely from start to finish, becoming a better graphic designer, finally coming out with my first pieces of merchandise (the most comfortable band shirt on the market, by the way), and continuing to form meaningful relationships with other talented, good-hearted people.

I've had to be honest with myself and critical of my weaknesses and my art, to know what needs improvement. That's not easy. Being an independent artist is not simply about making music. It's about setting myself for success in the long-term and that includes doing work that sometimes falls outside of being a "creator". I have to get smarter and more well-rounded, and that can be a slow process with a lot of tough work. I'm committed to it though, and I know it's going to pay dividends in the long run.

What was the creative process behind your EP “Rain lll”? 

I always knew there would be three Rain EPs, but it took some time for this one to materialize. They all start as individual songs for me, but as I continue to work and write and record, they seem to fall into a certain storyline and order. This project was no different. One song became three, which became seven, which eventually became the five that ended up on the EP. I spent hours trying to figure out their order, their meaning, and how they fit into my story. Eventually, not only did they tell their own story, but they fit perfectly into my story, and the two previous projects as well. I record and mix all of my vocals, so continuing to improve the clarity of sound is a constant step for me, and these songs really allowed me to explore new styles and techniques for mixing and composition. Altogether, the process took more than a year, and I learned a lot about myself through it all.

Which songs from the EP do you think best represented the theme of the EP?

The easy answer in the track that takes the EP's name, Rain III, which was always meant to be a commentary on exactly where I stood within the scheme of my life and in the greater picture (social awareness, climate concerns, political divide, etc.). This song is a painting, a snapshot of my existence at the time of its writing/recording. It is essentially meant to be listened to in order with the two title tracks that came before it, Rain & Rain II, from my prior EPs, and at their base, all of these songs bleed into each other and tell a complete, intricate story of the times in which we live.

The first track, Diamonds, is also one of my favorite and most intricate songs, partly because I exposed so much of myself in this record and also because I was able to explore so many new techniques and concepts in my artistry. The words are incredibly special and meaningful to me - and also very difficult at times to write - and I think are a perfect start to the project as a whole. Dark, dreamy, and frenetic, but powerful and precise as well.

Let’s talk about your single “Blue Skies”. How would you describe the songwriting approach behind this record?

I loved making this song because it was such a departure from Rain III. Originally, it was supposed to be the final track on the project, but the energy didn't seem to match. Blue Skies was always a much more positive and uplifting song that really did help me snap out of some sad times. Writing it was therapeutic and provided light when much of my most recent music has been more of a dive into the struggle and darkness. I just kind of decided to let the sun out on this one, and I think you can tell in its delivery and lyrics.

What was your favorite element to “Blue Skies”?

I love singing and incorporating melody into my verses as well. The ability to shift easily between styles was both a challenge and an opportunity on this record, and I did as much crazy stuff as I could think of. I wanted this track to be exploration energy and style, and I learned a lot about my sound and my capabilities in both recording and mixing it. I also proved to myself I could make a happy record, which wasn't something I was always sure I was capable of doing.

What’s next for you in the New Year, Chad?

New music, of course! I have at least 5 singles planned in the next few months, new visuals, and collaborations with multiple extremely talented artists. I've continued to find new inspiration for future projects (including my first album, which I'm in the very early stages of putting together). I've also continued to learn about my craft and myself, which is only going to make my sound that much better and refined. I can't wait to share everything I've been working on, and I can say without a doubt its the best work I've ever created. I'm also looking forward to performing in new cities and new states this year, hopefully on a more regular basis, so stay locked in to my website and socials for more news on what I'll be up to very soon.