Los Angeles Electronic Dance Producer T00NS Releases Falling in Reverse" From His New EP 'Eternal'

Adrian Verduzco or otherwise known as T00NS is an LA-based Electronic Dance Music artist. T00NS draws inspiration from multiple electronic genres to create an experience of experimental dance music that creates a sense of assurance and community for his listeners. Recently off his latest EP 'Eternal' is the tune "Falling in Reverse" with Miky's vocals and we're loving it.

"Falling in Reverse" has an almost experimental feel to it, it feels very ethereal and minimalistic but still could be something you hear in a club. Miky provides an excellent moody vocal that perfectly encompasses the atmosphere that T00NS is creating. Within the production of "Falling in Reverse" are a lot of interesting little intricate synth parts that all come together as a whole as the song progresses and keeps a super ambient atmosphere when the chorus of the song hits that's when a thundering kick drum hits you in the chest and the song starts to transform into a work of art. T00NS musicality really comes through here, it shows off his master crafted melody writing and arranging that dynamically evolves throughout "Falling in Reverse" keeping your ears interested as it goes on. We can't wait to see what else T00NS will be creating.

Listen to "Falling in Reverse" here.

Hey there T00NS! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're loving the song "Falling in Reverse" off of the EP "Eternal". What was the songwriting and production process like for this?  Hi and thanks for taking the time to listen! I actually produced most of this song in 2018 alone in my room.. I was going though a break up, and I know this is cliché, but I was spending a lot of time writing and producing music because it was the only thing that could distract me well enough so that I wasn't sulking in my emotions haha. During this time I practically finished producing the entire idea and already had created part of the vocal melody in my head, but I kind of just left the project behind for a while as my life began to get really busy with school and work. It's great to hear Miky's vocals on this! He did a fantastic job! How did you get him to join this project with you? What was it like to work together? Haha, so Miky was actually a classmate of mine and I picked him for the song because I liked his vocal range. So last semester I was taking a music collaboration class at my university and I went ahead and took it as an opportunity to go back and develop the song. In the class I met Miky who is a singer/song-writer, and Caelyn Ware who was the bassist on the track. Like I said, I already had a concept for what the song was supposed to be about, but both Caelyn and Miky helped me write most of the lyrics and they also helped me figure out some of the arrangement of the track.

It's definitely exciting to put out something like an EP. Do you have a favorite song off of it? How was your thought process different for each song?  Very exciting! Honestly, I love them all for different reasons. Each song has a completely different vibe, but I feel like I put a lot emotion into each of them equally. As for the writing process, to be frankly honest, I was just going through it at the time, so I didn't have any specific idea or sound I was trying to create. I kind of just started with a groove or bass line and messed around until I found something I could go with and then everything just came together. Falling in Reverse was definitely the most interesting process though, just because there were three of us bouncing idea back and forth."  How has being classically trained influenced the music you're writing? Do you have any idols that you look up to and take inspiration from for your music?

One thing I think my classical training has influenced is the type of instruments and sounds I pick when writing a song. When I'm producing something, I noticed that I tend to gravitate towards orchestral sounds whenever I need a crutch or somewhere to start. You can never go wrong with a piano or some violins. Idols no, but I do look up to a lot of electronic dance music producers when it comes to style and the type of brand I want to create. I love the harder style of the electronic dance music scene, but as I continue the journey of finding my own sound I'm realizing how much, more than ever, I'm beginning to resonate with artists like Above & Beyond and Armin Van Buuren.