Los Angeles Rock/Punk Band KT. True Releases Their Trailblazing Single “Stain”

Los Angeles alternative rock/post-punk band KT. True recently released their raging single “Stain”. Although the band is based out of Los Angeles, KT. True is said to have a true New Yorker soul through their diverse and gritty sound. The band consists of frontwoman Katie Trubetsky, guitarist Gustavo Chaise, bassist Eddie Valentino and drummer Michael Bruxvoort. Their latest hit “Stain” offers a complex arrangement of rocking instrumentals and KT. True’s dark and haunting vocals piercing through the track. We can’t help but get a taste of female rockers like Joan Jett, Courtney Love and Debbie Harry through KT. True’s impeccable delivery, vocally and instrumentally.

“Stain” begins with striking electric guitar power chords and KT. True’s short breaths and airy vocals, anticipating the arrival of the initial downbeat. As the track progresses into the verse, Gustavo Chaise’s electric guitar soars through the song overtop Michael Bruxvoort’s intensifying drum patterns and Eddie Valentino’s gripping bass lines. As we reach the chorus, we’re met with KT. True’s powerful vocals belting out her lyrics with the poise and enthusiasm of staple female rock icons. From throbbing guitar solos to pounding drums, “Stain” offers a variety of upbeat and unexpected elements taking the tracks authenticity to new planes. KT. True undeniably serves hard-hitting and invigorating rock, and their single “Stain” is nothing short of.

Listen to "Stain" here.