Interview: Diving Deep With KT. True and Their Latest Single “Stain”

Hey There KT. True, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re captivated by your band’s solid sound and energetic delivery on your latest single “Stain”. What was KT. True’s original intention for how you wanted “Stain” to sound?

Thank you BuzzMusic for having us! Stain is our first “Baby” and it's amazing to look back on when we first wrote it.  I was transitioning from New York to LA and had this motive of "proving oneself to the world" which frankly, we still have. But, with that came this power and creative flood that we hope never stops.  The sound we wanted for “Stain” was that old school Rock and Roll, with a bit of a punch of punk and a modern edge.

Your single “Stain” is incredibly exhilarating and making our feet tap. Could you share where KT. True drew inspiration from when creating what is now “Stain”?

Honestly to us, it's an empowering song!  Every time I listen to it, I can’t help but want to rock out or tap my feet too!  That is how we wanted it to feel.  We wanted people to remember what rock felt like, the power, the resilience and the undeniable courage of what you can do in this world. (Leave a Stain/Leave a mark in this world)

From lyrics to composition, “Stain” offers a variety of hard-hitting elements that clearly establish KT. True’s aesthetic. Could you expand on the band’s creative process when creating “Stain”?

Well, the way our every creative process normally starts, is how it started back in New York a few years ago. Eddie Valentino (bassist) and I (KT) fell for each other, and with that came our immediate realization we had a musical connection as well! It all really began in a small rundown Brooklyn apartment. He would play a riff or a chord progression, and I started creating a melody, and improv lyrics.  That is how we would create all of KT. True’s songs to this day. But I’m not going to lie, New York is still vibrating through our souls even now, not to say L.A hadn’t made us feel too.

We mentioned a few rock icons that resemble KT. True’s raw sound like Joan Jett, Courtney Love and Debbie Harry. Who are some major musical influences for the band as a whole?

Thank you for that!  Some major influences would be RHCP, Fleetwood Mac, Muse, Blondie, Heart, Deftones, and many more.  

What can we expect to see from K.T True throughout 2020?

We're very excited to let you guys know, that we are releasing a new song called "Crime" in the next couple of months! And a full EP sometime this summer.  We've taken full advantage of having some free time now and are really diving into the recording process creatively, and spiritually. It's not an easy time right now, But we hope to send courage and hope to our world at this time, and hopefully send some great creative content your way soon, to distract you and make you feel good again!

Go check out "Stain" here.