Lose Yourself in Isaac Torres' Passionate and Bright Single, "Pensando en Ti"

Coming in from Fresno, CA, the Mexican-American Artist, Instrumentalist, and Singer/Songwriter Isaac Torres offers irresistible instrumentation and a passionate story with his latest single, "Pensando en Ti."

After winning "El Factor X" and gaining a year-long contract with Sony Music Latin, Isaac Torres' music career became the focal point of his life. The inspirational and young artist continues down his music career path stronger than ever before, thanks to his constant inspirations being artists like Gerardo Ortiz, El Dasa, Virlan Garcia, and Eslabón Armado.

Isaac Torres' latest hit "Pensando en Ti" takes listeners through a nostalgic Mexican style with his powerful acoustic instrumentals and intoxicating riffs. Not to mention the emotionally-charged lyrical message Torres delivers surrounding past life experiences and love stories with different partners, we can hear Isaac Torres' careful examination of his past, which led him to where he is today. 

"Pensando en Ti" begins with bright acoustic guitar picking, offering an authentic Mexican approach. All while more plucky strings enter the song for added rhythm and depth, Isaac Torres' sweet vocal stylings appear and begin to serenade us in his native tongue. 

When translating his lyrics, he sings a heartfelt message of wanting someone by his side once again and needing to lose himself in their wondrous eyes. The supporting instrumentation continues to be highly authentic towards his culture's bright instrumentation, and we can't get enough of Isaac Torres' passionate performance as he swoons any listener that comes his way. 

Isaac Torres has done an incredible job of portraying unhindered passion through his latest hit, "Pensando en Ti." Alongside the bright and nostalgic Mexican-style instrumentals, the song offers warmth and ambiance like no other. 

We love the passion you've delivered within your single, "Pensando en Ti." What inspired you to write such a heartfelt and emotional song?

The things that inspired this song was just the feeling I was having at the moment of writing it, and thinking about what things that have happened to me can other teenagers around my age relate to also.

Regarding your lyrical content within "Pensando en Ti," how did you go about writing your emotional lyrics surrounding lost love and want to reconnect? Was it challenging to write such heartfelt lyrics?

Writing this lyric was challenging because being able to find the right words to send the right message wasn’t easy. And this being my first song written by me was also another very challenging topic.

Speaking on the bright and upbeat instrumentation within "Pensando en Ti," why did you want to offer the song a cheerful aspect through your instrumentals, seeing as your lyrics offer more sad and reflective themes?

With this song I wanted to be able to reach the people who are either crushing on someone and can dedicate it to them or to the people who are going through a heart break and can remember the times, they had with that person. With the upbeat music, you can either relate to the happy love story, or to the memory of a relationship that is over just depending on the listener's mood or situation.

We've noticed that you have quite the following and fanbase. Why do you think your music has been so successful and reached so many people? How do you keep your audience engaged?

I feel like my social media and music has grown because I am a very transparent person with my followers. I engage with my followers by going live with them almost daily, doing giveaways, and responding to most of my DMs my followers send me.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

Right now my followers and family are what keep me inspired now in 2020. It's been a long road to get where I am now and there still a long one in front of me. So, it's just time to take advantage of what's going well for me and keep working on more music for my fans and listeners.