Lose Yourself in the Promising Soundscape of Ralphy’s, “Dancing On A HeartBreak”

Lose Yourself in the Promising Soundscape of Ralphy’s “Dancing On A HeartBreak.”

Australian Singer-Songwriter Ralphy began releasing music in 2016, and since then has swept her way into the music business with her impressive and animated live performances. She creates a safe and spirited space for listeners to feel understood and have the time of their lives, allowing little to get in her way.

Her latest single “Dancing On A HeartBreak” reels you in with a retro radio-inspired introduction, and Ralphy wastes no time revealing her loud and purposeful beat. With your blood already pumping, her sultry vocals kick in and bring consistent energy all throughout the song. Her voice is gritty and full of passion, leaving behind all downhearted moods for all who listen. The 80’s inspired production gives “Dancing On A HeartBreak” the perfect sound for getting your body moving through difficult times, and provides a wave of nostalgia.

What started off as a danceable, power song about feelings of hopelessness and heartbreak became something bigger as the global climate shifted. As times began to change, Ralphy and co-writer Matthieu McRenia took a revisit to the song, it took on a new meaning. Navigating new emotions in isolation can leave you feeling helpless, and Ralphy’s goal is to remind us how we can stay connected through music and dance.

Keeping it fresh in the bridge, the electronic vocal effects parallel our technology-centered world and the way we stay close to one another when we have no choice but to be far away. As we go through life next to the people we love, we can find comfort in our relationships and of course, old school 80s pop.

Check out “Dancing On A HeartBreak” here.

How would you describe “Dancing On A HeartBreak” in just a few words for someone who has never listened to your music? How does “Dancing On A HeartBreak" represent your sound as a whole?

"Dancing on a HeartBreak" description in a few words! #80s #fun #dancing #uplifting 

I feel this song represents me so well because I really love putting out positive energy to the world especially with everything people are going through right now we wanted to write a song people could relate to but feel good about. I love 80s music and it certainly has an influence.

Tweaking the meaning of “Dancing On A HeartBreak” to mesh with the current state of our world truly gave it a personal and intimate depth for listeners. How has music been able to guide you through this past year?

We came with "Dancing on a HeartBreak" it was originally just being down in the dumps and you have nothing else to lose so just dancing! and then quarantine happened just before we were about to go into the studio, so we began tweaking the lyrics to suit the moment because we realized that this song was what people were going through. 

Music is the one thing we can all connect with around the world and make us feel better. So l am excited to be getting this song out to the world and so grateful that I was able to get into the studio and get it done. So dance through this crazy time together "on one heartbeat."

I’m sure it’s been difficult to have live shows on hold with the events of the pandemic, but once this becomes a possibility how do you plan to bring “Dancing On A HeartBreak” to life in a performance?

Oh, I am so sad about not being able to do live shows. That is my passion. Anyone that knows me will collaborate my passion for live performance. Oh yes and not being able to see family that SUCKS! I am planning on doing some live stream show for "Dancing on a HeartBreak" and also hoping to do a live stream tour working with venues and clubs that can’t open now and live stream from them, bringing awareness to the long-suffering industry, especially around California.

Are there any artists that inspired the musical style behind “Dancing On A HeartBreak”?

I am consistently inspired by so many people, I am surrounded by many artists who are so creative, also inspired by 60s 70s 80s music, fashion, pop culture just living in LA is inspiring.

What has been keeping you inspired this year and what can we expect to see next from you?

Keeping busy creating art-making music trying to keep people happy by music and inspire other people. I have done two music videos for "Dancing on a HeartBreak" and can’t wait to showcase them. Both were shot on the iPhone. I wanted to show that in this crazy time that if you really want to do something you can!

Even if you don’t have access to all the tools I never got to meet up with my editor we did everything on zoom. In one of the videos I got everyone to film themselves to keep everyone safe and it fits perfectly for the song "Dancing on a HeartBreak" alone with we are really together. What's next you ask? Keep putting art out to the world, I will never stop and I already have some tracks to work on for 2021.