Lost Arts Massive New Record Shows Us That Rock Is Alive and Ready to Roll

Lost Arts is an Alternative Rock band from Ontario, Canada. Their sound features chunky massive guitar riffs, modern hyper sounding drums, gnarly basses, and an edgy almost careless vocals. The band came together during their studies at Fanshawe College and since then have been pushing boundaries of what Rock music is capable of; to continue to push what the music was made to do.

Lost Arts latest single "Weightless" is a heavy hard-hitting tune that delivers within a second of the song starts. The band's sound does not disappoint at all in this song, it has a very high energy almost overdriven feel to it that keeps it very exciting. It's hard to pick what a highlight from the song is, every element of it fits perfectly to the story the band is painting. It has that edgy yet clear vocal you want in a heavy tune and especially delivers in their guitar tone - it's hard to believe there's only one guitarist in the band from how thick their tone is. The musicality of the band really shines through, with the master-crafted guitar solo, the hooky vocal, the tight bass-lines, and explosive drums; this is a song that you would regret to miss.

Listen to "Weighless" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lost Arts! Wow, what a huge sounding record you have. Could you talk to us about the recording and production process of the song? Oh, thank you very much! The recording/ production process was pretty smooth for Weightless. We went into the studio with a pretty good idea of what we wanted to do as well as putting full trust in Kyle Ashbourne who Mixed/ Engineered the song. We think it’s important to go into the studio prepared but be open suggestion…. and then add just a stupid amount of guitar tracks.

We can definitely the chemistry happening between the band for this record, we heard that this record was collaboratively written by the whole band. What was that process like? Were there any elements being written first and used as a backbone? We have found that our best songs come when everyone is involved. We begin with an open slate & start to tighten the screws when we feel we are on to something. Weightless was really the beginning of that realization for us. We get that basic song structure together & then get working on “moments” in the song. Lyrics are more of a solo thing for me after the music is basically finished.

"Weightless" can definitely be heard as a closing song for a show! How are you able to keep the song sounding as massive live? Are there any challenges faced while performing? I think Weightless -without coming across too cocky- is one of those songs that has energy built into it. Nick & Hayden have spent a lot of time on their rigs so they already bring a lot of power to the stage. We spend a lot of time making sure we are tight so those dynamic changes have punch. If even one person misses their cue it can really drain the energy out of a performance.

It's great to hear that even after working in a great studio new ideas became sparked for the band. What are some of the new ideas the band has for both music and live shows? Are there any goals set for 2020 that the band is aiming to achieve?

We have been working hard on new music, taking advice from our peers on how to improve these songs. Our live show is something that we have really deconstructed in order to come out more confident & put together on stage.

As for plans for 2020 we want to stay consistent, we have started to find our voice not only musically but also with our social media content. Finally just play more, playing live is something we love & I think finally ready to make that a more regular practice.