Luverboy Lives Up to His Name with Romantic House Blend “Obsessed With You”

23-year-old singer-songwriter Luverboy has just released a romantic house blend "Obsessed With You." Known for weaving house pop and hip hop into alternative-rock, his original music captures broken hearts. "Obsessed With You" has the most laid back trap-style beat you could imagine, peppered with subtle percussion sounds. Its background melody comes from a raw tab on an acoustic guitar, with squeaks from dragging fingers making the song feel organic and down to earth. For a few verses, electronically produced sounds show us the relaxed, house pop side of "Obsessed With You." Luverboy emits a feeling of floating through the air with his silky vocals.

The whole song is a sum of simplistic melodies that are harmonized for an angelic and romantic effect. Luverboy holds true to his stage name with "Obsessed With You's" lustful lyricism. By including terms such as "infectious smile" and "growing old," Luverboy has no trouble making his way into his fans' hearts. The reality of the storyline is the one-sided obsession, of which many broken hearts can empathize with. With "Obsessed With You," Luverboy exemplifies the type of love that some people search their whole lives for. Any listener will easily picture themselves as the recipient of his heart-melting serenade.

Discover "Obsessed With You" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Luverboy! We were entranced by your ability to translate emotion through your music. Can you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics for “Obsessed With You?” Of course! “Obsessed With You” is really a song that deals with desire, and emotionally being unable to move on. I don’t mean to sound crazy but I’m sure everyone at some point in their life has obsessed over one person, whether it be that girl in High School you were in love with or a celebrity you’ve been crushing on since you were a kid. The song expands upon that idea just hanging off of every little thing someone does and it driving you crazy. I didn’t write the song after a breakup or anything like that, but I did become obsessed with one individual and wanted to give the song a message but in the second verse be able to elaborate upon the story behind the song. You set out to create a catchy pop song about obsession but you wind out with sort of a ballad about obsession. 

Can you describe how you drew inspiration from house, pop, alternative rock, and hip hop genres to create “Obsessed With You?” To be honest, I didn’t set out with any of those things in mind, it just sort of happened. I’m a musician first before anything else so I think my music will always draw from alternative rock and blues as an origin. I’m not the type of artist or person who likes to just listen to one style of music I like to appreciate everything and be able to draw from it. The whole song started with just a kick, and I wanted to make something people could dance to. Alternative rock is my safe zone, and I always want to be a little bit out of my safe zone when I’m writing at times. For me, house and hip hop are areas where I never thought I could thrive in. So I was trying to do something original that still felt true to me.  What was your inspiration for the heartfelt lyrics of “Obsessed With You?” Personal emotional turmoil. I’m a big Anne Sexton fan, and love her poetry, and the way she phrases parables I wanted to try to do that in a similar fashion. My lyrics just come from my heart.  Why did you choose to create your music under the stage name Luverboy? What does the name represent, and what does it mean to you? It’s a funny story behind that name. I was bent up behind this one girl I used to talk to, and one of my friends called me a Luverboy because of how much of a romantic I am, or how much I like to think that I am. I try. But the name stuck because I think it describes me so well and my alter ego. When we think Luverboy the image that comes to mind is a simp guy who chases, and gets the girl, spoils her, and always romances her. That definitely describes me and who I am at my center, but life has a funny way of throwing you into weird situations where you don’t always play the “helpless romantic”. A lot of my songs aren’t even about romance, maybe one day if I chose to get married they will be. But not right now, not in this phase of my life. The purpose of Luverboy isn’t to show you what love is, but instead what love is not, and what love COULD be.