Lyndon Laveaux Releases Hip-Hop Anthem of Miami “Earn the Title”

As a child, Lyndon Laveaux’s mother was the one who turned his attention onto music when she played records of every decade on a loop. His exposure to vast branches of music is evident in his natural ear for a hooking verse and a hip-shaking beat. With his recent song and video “Earn the Title,” he continues to make waves in the Hip-Hop world with a passionate story about his home city: Miami. 

Lyndon Laveaux sets the stage of his music video produced by The Track Burnaz with a vintage black and white Miami cityscape filled with street art. He walks in slow motion sporting a Miami Heat hoodie as photos of legendary rappers such as Jay Z and Eminem flash in and out of frame.

Staying true to the song’s theme, producer The Track Burnaz also pays tribute to the city throughout the music video.

Set on a rooftop, the background of the video highlights both the immensity of Miami’s skyline and the beauty of smaller things like graffitied walls.

“Earn the Title” kicks off with a few spoken verses as the audience is warmed up for the punch that is about to be packed. LyndonLaveauxshowcases his artistic edge early on when his pupils flash red the moment before he flows into his hard-hitting raps.

“Earn the Title” proves to be an ode to the 305 as LyndonLaveauxevangelizes the city through his lyricism.