Lyndon Laveaux Returns With a Sultry and Inviting Single, "Aphrodite"

The Miami-born MC and Rapper Lyndon Laveaux returns to BuzzMusic with a hit that takes us into bliss, releasing a dreamy and sultry single titled, "Aphrodite."

With mentors and companions who have continually impacted Lyndon Laveaux's craft, he's incredibly grateful to have a solid foundation behind him to push him forward within his constantly expanding career. With the release of his desirous and sweet-sounding single "Aphrodite," listeners are taken into heat with the song's steamy atmosphere through Laveaux's intriguing and raw delivery. The surrounding production delivers this sultry ambiance that's sure to pull any listener deep into the song's inviting vibe.

"Aphrodite" atmospherically begins with haunting ghost vocals and distant pads, all set aside by the touch of a down-tempo and sultry beat drop. The deep and growling sub-bass sets the track's tone and delivers this steamy atmosphere within seconds. As Lyndon Laveaux begins delivering his desirous bars, he catches us by surprise with the intense and sultry performance within this track. 

Lyndon spices up the second verse with a deepened sub-bass and intricate trap drums that keep the high-end fluttering. While Laveaux continues to deliver this primal and devilish flair through his bars, the surrounding production perfectly supports the song's wicked vibe that keeps us wanting more. Lyndon Laveaux has set the bar incredibly high for passionate and sultry Hip-Hop/R&B, as "Aphrodite" finds a warm place at the top of our playlists. 

Hello Lyndon and welcome back to BuzzMusic, it's wonderful to catch up with you regarding your latest release "Aphrodite". Could you take us through what inspired you to create such a desirous and passionate single?

Well at the time I wrote it served me in a cathartic way, a loved one had said some harmful things to me, and at the moment I thought we were never gonna speak to each other again (life had different plans but that's a conversation for another day)  so I wrote a song about what I would want in a partner while saying I'm open to the idea of love by worshipping the Goddess of love. Love's the highest frequency one can work from, so I decided through this song to live open, and if love is meant for me, then let it be.  Also, I wanted to show how love can get you lost in it is a very sultry way, this was an opportunity to show my versatility as an artist. 

What did your lyric writing process for "Aphrodite" look like when crafting your bars to deliver this incredibly passionate tone?

My preference when writing is when the beat comes first, although I'm capable of writing the lyrics first, I enjoy having the beat first because the beat will inform me on what it's gonna be. When Ruben Raymond my big brother from The Track Burnaz sent me this beat, I knew this song was gonna stick out to folks, which I enjoy because as an artist I never want to be put in a box. I knew this song was gonna be sexy, I knew like making love, I wanted to take my time delivery wise with this record. I look at a song like a puzzle, I'm very technical with my writing, I want not one syllable, breath, punchline, etc wasted. The hook came first, which again I enjoy because it serves as a North Star in the writing process. Once the hook came the verses came with ease.

Did you have any help with regards to the production for "Aphrodite"? Were any of your Producer/Engineer friends involved in the process for added chemistry?

Oh absolutely, I think as a recording artist you have to realize there's an artist on both ends of the mic and board. Shout out to my brothers Ruben Raymond and JB of The Track Burnaz, they both elevated my sound immensely as a recording artist and this song is no different. Rube to me is one of the most talented individuals on this planet, he was the lead producer on this project, he and JB just know how to serve my sound as an MC.  What I love about the people in my circle is that I can throw anyone of them an idea and they amplify it. Rube does this with the utmost ease, JB does too. When recording like my fam Ray Mitchell be doing JB ain't afraid to tell me, rewrite this section, clean up this phrase, breath here, etc, and I seldom ever find it personal because I trust him completely and know that he is doing his best to make sure I get the best sound. JB truly is magic especially when it comes to mixing, again as a recording artist you have to show appreciation to everyone involved in the process. I can never guess what JB's gonna do with a record, but I'm usually more than pleasantly surprised. I'm truly grateful for my circle, they are my chosen family who wants nothing for me but to grow as an artist and more importantly as a human being.  I'm rich in life because of them. With all the chaos going on in the world they help me see this journey half full. 

We would say that "Aphrodite" is somewhat different from your usual authoritative and intense sound. Do you plan on continuing to experiment with different songwriting approaches in the future?

Hell yeah, I never want to be pigeon hole in my creativity. I approach music from an honest place so just like the human experience, there's a myriad of sounds and ideas I wish to play with. 

What can fans anticipate next from you?

Well, music videos are on their way, one for my solo record Earn The Title which is available everywhere currently, the other is a music video featuring the talented First Lady of Swaggfia Disanti, Milli Millz, and which was produced by the incredibly gifted Ray Mitchell. I will be executively producing projects as well for the versatile MC Dooley Sheen, The Princess of Swaggfia Rocki, The Wiley Rogue, and of course, I will be collaborating with my brothers The Track Burnaz/Tez. I will also be working on my album executively produced by Ruben Raymond. I also have this talented kid from Colombia Cuz Zaid making some incredible beats for me. Also gotta shout out Nathan Bankston/Silver Screens, I've collaborated with these two before with immaculate results hopefully there will be more to come in the future, love those guys. I want the people who support me to know that whatever I do creatively I'm pushing my pen each time I'm in the booth, one thing I will not lack is the effort I put in everything I do, and like I mentioned before my family won't ever let me become complacent. 2020 was a revealing year, it made me truly look at life with a new lens of gratitude, and I promise not to waste a breath. Like the amazing Big Sean has said "if it doesn't give you more it drains you". Thank you for having me and the constant support from you all and supporters worldwide, myself and mine got so much more to do!