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Maanz Global Has Us Feeling Some Type Of Way With New Track “Lemonade”

Maanz Global Has Us Feeling Some Type Of Way With New Track “Lemonade”

What a luxury feeling Maanz Global creates within the production of his music. Maanz Global is a rap/hip hop artist that’s definitely on the rise, and we know he isn’t stopping anytime soon! He shares his most raw and vulnerable experiences with his listeners through the curation of his music. The execution of the tracks he puts out is highly advanced. Maanz has an incredible sense of sound and combined with his ability to synthesize his music completely augmented. Maanz goes beyond expectations, creating his own label with present label-mate Mac Woodz. Label Vibez Collection is an independent record label that’s co-funded by the two brothers, and we’re all for what they’re trying to accomplish in the independent music industry! We support Maanz Global, and support his newest singles even more.

What a hype song—we were bumping to this track in our playlist all night! Maanz Global impresses us all with his lyrical abilities in “Lemonade”—he creates that feel-good, boujee feeling you love hearing on a night out. We’re obsessed already (we move fast). “Lemonade” will attract your attention with how catchy it is to dance along to, all you want to do is move your body along with this track—that’ show we know this was a hit. “Lemonade” gives off heavy tranquil vibes, we feel completely buzzed listening to rhythms and synths throughout the track. MaanzGlobal sure creates his own sound, and it’s not being erased from our memories anytime soon. 

Give a listen to Maanz recent release “Lemonade” and continue reading for his exclusive interview with us at BuzzMusic! 

Hey Maanz! Please tell our readers what kind of sound you try to create in your music?

I am very much still finding my sound every time I step into the studio. I started making music this past October so it’s been a journey as far as finding my sound and my flow. I will say though I believe I have a good ear for beats. I try to create a sound that people can vibe to in various setting. Whether you’re striving for something, smoking and chillin, or sippin and partying, I want to be able to provide music for every vibe. 

What do you think is the most important element within your music?

I think the most important element within my music is that I rap what I experience, what I envision, and what I strive towards. No cap in my rap feel me? Anyone doing something similar or living a similar lifestyle will relate to my music. I’m providing unique perspectives and good vibez. It’s very important that i stay true to me and hope it can inspire someone. 

How did you initially envision “Lemonade” amid the creation process?

I wanted to create and creating and release a song around the same time I graduated college. I just got my degree, a BS in international business, and that was a huge accomplishment for me. It had been a long time coming as I never thought I’d get to the point of finishing school. The song come about as a way of celebrations and reminiscing. Everything that I was doing in the moment to celebrate my success along with reminiscing on how I got to this point. I wanted it to be a song for day parties, pool parties, and just vibin in general. Something to get hyped to in the car or crazy during a day party in LA. Shout out class of 2019!

Who would you say are your biggest influences when it comes to creating your tracks?

I have a number of influences but the one I’ll say is Nipsey. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to Double Up, the content of that song matched with the vibe is incredible. That’s where the line in my song “spend it just to make it back, double up” came from. We on some real boss shit at Vibez Collective and part of starting Vibez Collective was inspired by him because we wanna build our brand and own everything. He was taken too soon but had such a positive impact and left enough knowledge to last a lifetime. RIP Nipsey, the marathon continues. 

What else can we expect from you for the rest of 2019? Any shows coming up?

The rest of 2019 is going to be a big year Vibez Collective. Not only do I rap but I handle many of the business logistics behind the scenes. My bro Mac Woodz keeps is releasing an album and more collabs are on the way. I’m trying to shoot some music videos, and definitely play some shows as well as host some events with our music playing in the venue. Vibez Collective is preparing release a clothing line this year tapping into our love for fashion. As far as projects, I’m continuing to put out singles on singles. New listeners just need to give me their ear for 5 minutes and let me catch their attention!


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