MadeoLife Promotes his Latin Roots In Latest Release "Hora Del Rolex 3am."

A cinematic opening draws you into MadeoLife's new hit "Hora Del Rolex 3 am." A cross-temp of beats ticks away in your ears as heavy 808 beats fill the rhythmic soundscape. "Hora Del Rolex 3 am" is a track off MadeoLife's rediscovered Latin roots EP "Te Amo Pero Te Odio" that broadcasts his healing lyrics with Spanish infusion.

From San Antonio, TX, MadeoLife is creating relaxing, rhythmic soundscapes to connect with his listeners. "Hora Del Rolex 3 am" gives the aura of a synthesized hip hop song, but as you listen along, MadeoLife infuses multiple styles into his music that create a multi-faceted listening experience.

From its scene inspiring cinematic beginnings where we hear the wind whistling in the background, the uptick of vibing percussions, and the relaxing ambient tones, "Hora Del Rolex 3 am" climaxes the track by a melodic, classical piano experience.

As you drift in and out of genres you discover just how talented MadeoLife is at fusing multi genres together to create a cohesive and surprising auditory experience. Even though we are not fluent in Spanish the lyrics are sung with love and attentiveness that will leave you enchanted. Find out for yourself the exploratory soundscape of "Hoar Del Rolex 3 am" today.

Listen today to "Hora Del Rolex 3 am" here.

Hello MadeoLife and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "Hora Del Rolex 3 am." Can you provide a translation for us on the meaning of this song? The song is about being with a person of interest at 3 AM in the morning basically saying look at your wrist look at the Rolex it’s already three. time has passed you can’t compare me.

We felt comforted and invigorated listening to "Hora Del Rolex 3 am," and that was lacking the ability to understand its Spanish lyrics. What was the intended feeling for listeners to experience on this track?

The song is to relax with your significant other. I used different delay patterns to really stretch out the waves and reach every sense of someone’s ear. "Hora Del Rolex 3 am," really is a diverse blend of genres. Where did you get the idea to add the classical piano piece that finishes the song? I slow down the song change the tempo and gave it a Houston Texas vibe. It was the perfect song to try this method I’ve been waiting to use. You clearly have a diverse way of thinking about creating music. Where have you drawn your creative inspiration from? I’m always in competition with myself. Every project I tackle I try to reach different angles switch my work methods changing the way I use plug-ins in trying to dive deeper and exposing each wave every bit of sound using the different sets to really try to stimulate your brain patterns receptors to music.

What's next for you?

Currently working on a major project with a label can’t speak too much on it but the features well shock the industry.