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Madison Hughes Delivers a Sincere and Sultry Single on, "Love & Honesty"

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, this spirited R&B and Pop Singer/Songwriter Madison Hughes is here to offer her fans a sweet-escape through her long-awaited single, “Love & Honesty.”

With artistic influences stemming from Norah Jones, Jackson Browne, John Mayer, Post Malone, and Drake, listeners can easily understand why Hughes' music is rather vibrant. Crafting music that resembles R&B and Pop, Madison Hughes has made it evidently clear that she is quite adaptable as an artist, still developing a unique sound that delivers heartfelt and sincere melodies along the way.

“Love & Honesty,” has you instantly bopping to the up-tempo pulse of the beat accompanied by the mellow and heartfelt sounds of a smoky saxophone. This animated yet relaxed vibe has you falling into the depths of a versatile composition. Hughes graces us with her naturally alluring and warm sounding vocals that fit so effortlessly into the structure with her reverberations pulling you in.

The sultry soul that her vocals carry, complement the well-crafted lyrics scripted. Striking harmonies join in at the final chorus producing a much more bodacious vocal for the outro of the track. We are left with the soothing sound of her vocals and a saxophone that transports you to a cocktail lounge across the world.

We have fallen for the sincerity in Hughes’ creations and can’t wait to hear what she delivers to us next through the passion she exudes.




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