Mags McCarthy Talks Her Dolly Parton Cover, "Light of a Clear Blue Morning"

Hello there, Mags! Welcome back to BuzzMusic! We are loving your cover of "Light of a Clear Blue Morning"! What was the production process for this like? How did the original influence the song? I always wanted to cover a Dolly Parton song and I went through her whole catalog

and found a beautiful song that she wrote called “Light of a clear blue morning”. I

love Dolly Parton. She is very down to earth and is an outstanding artist. I recorded

the song in Nashville with A-list musicians. I really loved the lyrics of this song. It is

very uplifting. Every element feels incredibly well polished and cohesive. What was the recording process like for this? Was there anything during the recording that caught your attention? I loved the recording process. I went to Nashville during my Easter Holidays from my

high school teaching job back in 2016 and recorded a lot of songs. I will never forget

the morning I was flying home from Nashville to Ireland. There was something I

wanted to hear about this song again and I asked to go back into the studio. I had four

hours before I needed to be at the airport. I went back in and rearranged an area that I

felt was needed. Once I rushed and got on the plane I remember saying “I am glad I

did that”. I was very happy going home and felt the trip was very successful. I got to

see and meet so many people. The video of this release is extremely positive and uplifting to watch! How was the video concept created? What was the filming process like for it? The video was created around the day in life of me. We wanted to bring my own life

into this music video. I grew up on a dairy farm and I wanted to show people that this

is the other side of my life. Farming life can be very difficult but it’s definitely

something I enjoy. If I am not out playing music, writing songs etc you will probably

find me helping out on the farm. The video was shot in Co. Cork Ireland. You've had quite an amazing career so far! How do you think you have grown as a songwriter and artist since when you started? What had inspired you to do this song as a cover?

For me I have met so many great musicians and songwriters. I was always writing

songs growing up but it wasn’t until I started collaborating with people that I started

to become a better songwriter. I am always learning and always writing and I feel you

can never stop getting better as a songwriter. Practise makes perfect. I am so thrilled

to have recorded this song and I am absolutely delighted with the support I have

received from country radio and my fans. I really appreciate everything. I was also

delighted to see some great reviews from various journalists. So thank you.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? I will be releasing more music and hopefully we can all get back to normal once this

pandemic is over. Our health is our wealth and I hope I can make people happy with

my music. Please follow me on social media at and write to me. I

am always delighted to hear from people.

You can listen to "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" here.