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Maio Releases Articulate Single “Siempre Ayer”

Maio released his newest single titled Siempre Ayer”. A highly fruitful and textured record that’s perfect to pass time throughout the day by listening to a colorful yet simple and contextual single. I was a big fan of the instrumental beat. If you really focused on the backtrack, it had various of multi-elemental sounds to create a nice diverse single. With these unique sound effects, alongside your classic drum kick, they create the base and foundation for the song. You hear these deep sounding synthesizers that’s similar to the sound of a bass guitar. With orchestral and classical instrumental music slightly playing in the background, Maio was able to deliver us the soul and sensual behind “Siempre Ayer”. Besides the exotic-like backtrack, Maio has a voice articulation quite unique from most. It’s like he sings his words in cursive lettering so the pronunciation of certain words sounds to be more tropical. His voice has a soft-like texture that surrounds the stylistic approach of delivering it. “Siempre Ayer” just brings nothing but a relaxing aura and vibe around me. It attracts me to peace and serenity while secluding yourself from the outside world and into the dream-like single.

Catch "Siempre Ayer" now on Spotify, and don't forget to scroll down to see the artists exclusive interview!


Hello Maio! Mind telling us a little bit about how you got into music?

I started playing Drums at a young age. And then I studied Conservatory to stu Classical Percussion at a Conservatory.

What’s the whole meaning behind “Siempre Ayer”?

"Siempre Ayer" means it's always yesterday, and talks about how we get stuck in time when we are obsessed with someone.

“Siempre Ayer” has a nice and unique instrumental, who produced this record?

I produced and recorded the entire E.P., It took several improvisation sessions from local musicians, then editing.

How did you find inspiration to write this song?

At that time I moved and I was feeling very good with all the changes.

What can we expect from you Maio? We can't wait to hear what's next from you!

I plan to release more music soon and in the next couple of months perform live in L.A., both solo and with a full band.


Keep up to date on upcoming shows and releases with Maio via the artists Instagram!


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