Make Way for Fab The Duo, Using Music to Fight Social Norms

From New York City, Fab The Duo is made up of boyfriends Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile. They want to use their love of creating music to show inclusivity and celebrate all kinds of love. Too often in the media is love portrayed in a certain way, and Fab The Duo is making it their goal to show appreciation for everyone, no matter who they choose to love. It is refreshing to see a duo rising in music with such an amazing message, and their fanbase is only expected to grow as time goes on.

The duo’s recent single “I Want A Man” is a beautiful track about the heart-wrenching search for true love, that runs deeper than just a physical bond. They sing about finding someone who will love them as a whole and see through the faults that make us human. The song is a blend of Rock and Pop, with clear elements from Broadway as well. It starts softly, with only vocals and acoustics, and then builds as the song progresses. Their vocals are powerful and moving, and allow the listener to resonate with the emotions in the lyrics. The video features eccentric costumes, makeup, and backdrops, that emphasize their message that people are more than what is shown on the surface. Two dancers who are originally alone, dance their way to each other throughout the song and finish off together in a symbolic representation of love. The music that Fab The Duo create together is truly from the heart, and their passion for what they create is going to bring them far in their careers. Check out "I Want A Man" by Fab The Duo here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Fab The Duo! Your single “I Want A Man” seems like a very personal song. What is it like sharing something so close to your heart, and is it being received by your fans the way you wanted it to?

It’s both exhilarating and terrifying. Being an artist is all about being vulnerable and we wanted to be as honest as possible in our music. We wanted to have a song that represented what so many people like us have felt. Growing up gay can be really isolating and we wanted to let everyone who might have felt this way know that we’ve been there too.  

Our fans have responded the way we wanted them to. We have received so much love and gained a lot of new fans because the song is so personal that it feels like anyone could have written it. 

Your music video for “I Want A Man” was beautifully done, what inspired you to include the dancers? Was there a meaning behind the particular style of dance you chose?

We wanted to showcase a couple having fun and being goofy together. We let the dancers hear the song and tell it through their language; both of them are on Broadway so everything they did looked beautiful. They’re a real couple so the love you see in the video is genuine. 

Both of you have such powerful voices! Do you have a history of musical theatre? How long have you been making music together?

We do have experience in musical theater, and we actually started out by playing cabarets together. We met on Tinder two years ago, became a couple, and started performing together slightly over a year ago. 

Have you always known that you wanted to use your artistic platform to make a difference socially?

Never a doubt, whether it’s singing or acting, if art doesn’t make a difference, what’s the point? Whenever you look at us and/or hear us, you know we’re not your average pop/rock band. We know and accept that this comes with a certain level of responsibility and we do not take it lightly. 

Is the duo planning any live shows in the coming months to promote your new music? 

Yes! We are doing the last show of our residency at The Bowery Electric on November 18th and then we’re gearing up for our big New Years' Eve show at the iconic Bitter End.