Mandi Crimmins Edgy Rock Sound Has Made Her a True Star of the Year

2019 has proved to be a bright year for Mandi Crimmins. She’s an alternative rock artist screaming aural warfare with her hyper-confessional music. Although a natural-born star, Mandi Crimmins is a seasoned artist due to her knowledge and schooling in music. Mandi Crimmins attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music where she received her bachelor’s degree in music in songwriting. She studied songwriting with top songwriters like Grammy award-winning artist Paula Cole, who become more like a mentor and friend. Mandi Crimmins has gained great recognition and praise for her talents.

In 2019, Mandi was nominated in the New England Music Awards for “Pop Act of the Year” as well as a competitor in RADIO.COM’s “The Opening Act” to perform at the Hollywood Bowl.

She had had the incredible honor to perform at numerous famed venues, such as Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, the Middle East Club in Boston, and at the Bowery Electric in NYC. Mandi Crimmins released her highly anticipated sophomore EP, “Metanoia”, which was released on the 25th of October. A concept album depicting her journey through great change. Metanoia takes listeners on a journey through facing their fears, their harsh-realities, and their pain so that they may come out at the end a changed and better person. Mandi’s single “Ashes” off the EP has performed exceptionally well, having garnered 17,195 streams. There’s no secret that Mandi Crimmins has been attracting great success for herself as an artist and with consistent releases, she’s bound to be a groundbreaking success.

Listen to Mandi Crimmins music here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Mandi Crimmins! In what ways has your time at Berklee impacted your music for the greater? 

Oh, man has Berklee impacted my music! When you’re there, you’re constantly surrounded by these incredibly talented creatives, who unknowingly push you to be the best possible artist you can be. You’re challenged to “not get comfortable” in your art, and to always be growing within yourself and your music. From the industry-professional faculty to the creative environment the school fostered, I learned to always be reinventing myself and my music. But mostly, I learned to believe in my music with my whole heart - and that’s an impact I’ll forever be grateful for.

Which song has been the most monumental release for you this year and why?

That would have to be “Ashes”!! I mean every release is always monumental to me personally, but the incredible support “Ashes” received upon release was unexpected! The fact that it’s been streamed 17,196 times on Spotify is absurdly cool and mind-blowing to me. It was a really pivotal song for me when I wrote it, so to see that it clearly resonated with others as well means more than I can say.  

In what ways has “Lying To Myself” and “Ashes” served as a great buildup to the release of your EP “Metanoia”?

“Lying To Myself” and “Ashes” helped people really get an insight into my sound and what to expect from the EP. I felt like I had created this safe atmosphere to release Metanoia into, which was so important to me.

Which song from your EP “Metanoia” was your personal favorite and why? That’s so hard because I love each SO much, but I’d have to say “Something’s Missing” was (and still is) my personal favorite. I’ve touched on this before, but it was the subject matter that had been messing with my head the most, so when I finally wrote this song I was able to release so much toxicity around me. How would you describe the theme for this project? Growth. And the journey back to yourself. Metanoia became an unintentional concept album because after I wrote Lying to Myself, a.k.a. when I stopped denying my problems, I opened this pandora’s box that I couldn’t get past without confronting. Which is when “You’re Still Here” (about depression), “Something’s Missing” (about a toxic relationship), and “Ashes” (about losing oneself) came about.

What’s next for you in 2020? SO MANY THINGS!! I don’t want to give too much away, but there are plans to start shooting a music video soon! I also have new music and a local tour! This year will be massive.