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Mandy Corrente Might Be Falling In Love In Her Latest Release “Secret Crush”

Won’t you read her card this Valentine’s Day?

Hailing from the beautiful city of Miami, Florida, singer, dancer, and influencer Mandy Corrente has quickly become a sensation online and elsewhere, racking up over two hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Still nine years old, this burgeoning star recorded her first hit song at the tender age of five and hasn’t looked back since. With her boundless energy and winning smile, she’s won the hearts of listeners the world over, and as she continues to shoot for stardom, it’s clear that she’s meant for big things.

Impressively enough, Mandy Corrente hasn’t only excelled in the studio; she’s also a seasoned performer. With a poise, confidence, and presence usually only seen in veterans, one of her biggest performances saw her wow more than twenty thousand fans at the 2022 Sketchers Pier to Pier Friendship concert.

Having also made appearances on the Ellen Show, Univision, and Telemundo, her talent has been nationally recognized, and at this point, it’s abundantly clear that Corrente is one of the biggest talents to watch in the industry.

Mandy Corrente’s latest release, “Secret Crush,” sees her pick up where she left off on her massive hit “Happy Emoji.” “Secret Crush” is an endearing, uplifting adventure into the innocent, heartwarming world of young crushes and friendships.

Mandy Corrente’s infectious energy and vocals are once again one of the biggest highlights of the song. As she sings lyrics like “If you hold my hand on recess time / It would be so nice,” her upbeat attitude will surely melt even the iciest of hearts. “Secret Crush” makes for easy listening and even easier enjoyment, and we can’t wait to see what Corrente has in store for us next.

Mandy Corrente’s “Secret Crush” is an upbeat and uplifting celebration of love, friendship, and childhood innocence. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Secret Crush”, out now on all majour streaming platforms.


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