MannyJR. Releases an In-Depth Music Video For His Recent Hit, "Toxic (Intro)"

Based in Queens N.Y., Rapper MannyJR. drops a reflective music video for his track "Toxic (Intro)" off his recent EP 'Toxic.'

Known for providing music that pleases the ears of those who appreciate classic R&B, trap, and soul, it's evident that MannyJR. has iconic and different influences that have helped shape his sound to be incredibly unique.

With the release of his music video "Toxic (Intro)," MannyJR. wanted to put physical imagery alongside his intricate and emotional lyricism. He raps about navigating his emotions as a man in today's world and supports this theme with heavy scenes of lies and suspicion. 

The music video for "Toxic (Intro)" opens with a females iPhone ringing away, while she's laying in an ill-lit room with MannyJR. As it's her significant other whose calling, she quickly begins dressing while MannyJR. sits up and starts telling his deep story. He begins rapping about how he continues to fall for women who hurt him and flip the narrative to make it seem like he's the villain.

While MannyJR. is rapping at the edge of the bed, we can see how frantic the female is through continually keeping up with her lies. With an end shot of an empty hotel room bed, we can feel the void that's been impacting MannyJR as he crafted this music video to explain that a relationship is a two-way street.

Hey MannyJR., welcome to BuzzMusic! You've crafted such a pure and real concept for your music video "Toxic (Intro)." Could you share how you came up with this concept and was it based on an experience you went through? 

The video idea came to me from the song itself. The idea of an affair basically, but from the perspective of the other side. Definitely was referencing a time in my life (many times to be honest) where I was with someone who had someone else.

The scenes MannyJR. captures within your music video "Toxic (Intro)" are very chilling and reflective. Who helped shoot the music video, and what was the process like during the shoot? 

The shooter was the director who is someone I’ve worked with before. The process basically was to capture the story and atmosphere of the feeling. Focus on the person telling the tale.

Speaking on the music video for "Toxic (Intro)," was this the only music video you created for your EP "Toxic"? Why did MannyJR. choose this song to create a video for, rather than other tracks on the project?

We actually have more videos coming soon for two other songs from the project. I'm not going to give them away, but be on the lookout!

After listening to the intro track for MannyJR.'s EP, we're definitely going to take a listen to the rest of the project. Could you tell us more about your EP "Toxic," and what themes you discuss on the project as a whole? 

The project itself about the up and downs I went through after a pretty rocky relationship.

Pretty much in a nutshell. The themes are getting a girl to lose the girl. Grieve, pretend & relapse.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The goal is to get it while the getting is good. Take the time I didn’t have before to work now. That’s what's been driving me.