Marc DiNero Releases Hard-Hitting New Song From His Debut Album “Automatic”

Marc DiNero, born in Peoria, Il and residing in Louisville, KY, has started the year off strong in the promotion of his most recent album release, Inception. The album title was inspired by the amount of work and perseverance a person needs to achieve their dreams, and the tracks live up to this expectation.

The third release off the album, “Automatic”, is a banger and most defineitly club-ready. The track features Louisville’s top artist in FAIF and WunTayk Timmy. The combination of beats and lyrics in “Automatic” creates a soundscape that is as danceable as it is thoughtful. Marc’s hard-hitting lyrics have a strong message behind them for up and coming artists; to take your time with signing deals with labels and not to give up ownership casually, while the tone of the track stays upbeat and luxurious.

Marc DiNero approaches his music with the intent to share good vibes and good sounds and has worked through difficult times to come to this step of his journey. 2020 is looking amazing for Marc DiNero, as he has gained traction from his newest music video and is working with great talents. Marc is surely an artist to keep an eye on this year, and “Automatic” is a great place to start.

Listen to "Automatic" here.