Marcus Alland Reminds Us What it Means to be Humble with Rap Song “Silent Moves”

Marcus Alland is a Queens-based up and coming hip hop artist. He has always had a natural talent, he began singing in his church’s choir at age 14. This allowed him to discover a spiritual connection to music, and he used that fire inside of him to start creating his music. He worked with his brother to start producing beats that he could combine with his lyrics, and ended up performing locally at age 16. Since then, Marcus has been focusing on his musical career. He released two hit singles called “Forza” and “Come Alive,” and is currently working on his debut album which is set to be released soon.

His recent single “Silent Moves” has a catchy trap beat that makes you want to bop along with Marcus Alland. The background also contains an electronic melody. Marcus has a very deep, smooth voice that displays both his emotion and power. Lyrically, he sings about perseverance through life despite challenges and delays to success. The struggles he sings about are relatable for most listeners. In general, Marcus Alland reminds his fans that although it takes hard work and endless patience, it is possible to slowly build success through strife. The “Silent Moves” title represents Marcus humility for success. He uses this phrase to represent the fact that he isn’t making these moves to be recognized, but he is making them for his self-improvement. Not only is “Silent Moves” an energetic hip hop song, but Marcus Alland’s vulnerability allows him to share his struggles of growth and maturity with his continuously expanding audience.

Listen to "Silent Moves" here.