Marina Bennett Unveils Her Deepest Desires With Her Heartfelt Single “Hideaway”

In the midst of her journey of self-love and discovery, Soulful singer-songwriter Marina Bennett gathers and preserves her listeners' curiosity by telling cinematic stories through her distinctively mesmerizing sound. Seamlessly blending R&B, folk, and jazz, the dreamy voiced vocalist, hypnotizes her audience into a sonically inspired reverie, allowing her to reveal a unique vulnerability that entraps you in an emotional whirlwind.

Not one to shy away from divulging her sentiments, Marina Bennett inspires you to do the same in her magically crafted single "Hideaway." Playing into a narrative where she commands her love interest to share their feelings openly. This sensual piece will, without a doubt, send chills to every inch of your body and garner your full emotional awareness as you take it in.

"Hideaway" sets the perfect mood with a vibe shepherd by the instrumentations heard in the musical foundation. Smooth bass riffs accompany a high-pitched electric guitar carefully layered into the resonance as it adds a dynamically dreamy element to the composition. Factor in hi-hats that carry the percussion to a pulse-raising tempo and keys that enshroud the entirety of the instrumental with a classy sense of unity and warmth, and you have the masterpiece of "Hideaway." We have no doubt Marina Bennett's listenership will fall in love with her soothing, dream-like voice, as she professes her need for honesty and transparency with raw and grounded lyrics.

We are undeniably moved by her talent and seemingly limitless ability to bring out the most estranged sentiments from all who partake in consuming her art. We have no doubts that Marina Bennett will inspire countless numbers of fans to come out of hiding and join her on this journey of personal growth as she unlocks the secrets of her heart.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Marina Bennet, and congratulations on your newest release, "Hideaway." What can you tell us about your inspiration for creating this song?

Hi BuzzMusic! Thanks so much for having me again! The story behind 'Hideaway' is that my great friend and collaborator, Will Evans, aka Lex Echo, had started producing an incredibly dreamy RnB track that he was working on, and he sent me a snippet of it. I'm a HUGE lover of RnB music, and the moment I heard the track, I was immediately obsessed with it! I still remember exactly where I was in Vancouver, walking down the street with the sunshine on my face smiling and my headphones on as I recorded a bunch of melodic ideas I heard as I walked around. When Will and I got together to write the entire song and put all of the pieces together, we tested out a bunch of different melodies and hooks like we usually do. He had a cool chorus from his original demo that we kept-- I was immediately grabbed by it. We went back and forth on the arrangement and verse melodies and lyrics until it all felt great. We wanted to develop the song about the importance of sharing your emotions with someone you care about to foster a sense of intimacy and belonging. I think, especially in these times we're living in now, where we've gone through such disconnection and isolation, the need for depth and emotional connection is at an all-time high. Sometimes it's scary to open up and share what you're feeling inside with someone you love, but it's ultimately worth it when it means you're being true to yourself and opening up your heart. Besides opening up to someone else, the song also explores how we become someone else's sanctuary or 'Hideaway' as they open up in return.

How important is it for you to write songs with such emotional depth? Does it allow you to feel closer to your audience?

I try hard not to feel all the feels all the time, but it's hard! I'm an emotional person at heart, but now I see it as a superpower. It's important to me to write songs and poetry that comes from experiences that I've had because there's truth-telling in that. I don't know how to connect to a song unless something in the lyrics or overarching theme/vibe that I connect with emotionally or experientially. Even if it's someone else's story I'm writing about, I need to empathize with them and get into its feelings to connect to the song and have it translate into something someone else would feel moved by in some way. It has to hit me a certain way first. I don't necessarily think every song needs to be heavy or emotionally deep-but there has to be a feeling or mood behind the song that feels true and real to me, and I think that's what people resonate with. When it comes to songwriting, I want to share songs where people listen, and they feel like I'm singing directly to them, or like I created a world they get to get lost in, explore, and process their own emotions through.

What message are you hoping to convey to your listeners when they take in the lyrics to "Hideaway?"

The message of "Hideaway" lyrically is not to hide way your emotional world from others and calls you to risk opening up your heart. Don't hide your beautiful capacity to love from the people you love. Life is short. It can be so scary to open up to someone else and risk being truly seen as we are in all of our flaws, but that's the only way to build a genuine, authentic connection and relationship. The era of ghosting is upon us, and there is such a lack of awareness on how to properly communicate what you're feeling and thinking without fear. It's become so easy to slip into silence and remove ourselves from facing those conversations around our needs and the needs of others. I think we're all longing for a deeper sense of connection in our lives--whether that's to ourselves, our families, partners, careers, or communities. Still, the foundation of connection is through vulnerability.

How has your journey for self-discovery affected you as a person and an artist?

I would say my journey of self-discovery has been ongoing and has helped me to understand myself on a really deep level-- this has helped my work as an artist immensely. I trust my instincts, I trust my emotions, and I don't run from them, and I'd say I've worked hard to channel my emotional world into art through songwriting and poetry. I used to be extremely insecure growing up because I didn't feel like I truly knew myself on a deep enough level, and I felt very lost searching for what that feeling might be. I think going through life and the hardships that have come my way, I've come out the other side with enormous gratitude for my life, sense of self, and access to my creativity. Music feeds my soul on a really profound level. I don't think the journey of self-discovery ever ends, and I'm excited to continue growing as a person, musician, and artist and to take the transformations that occur on the inside and translate them to the outside world through song.