Marine Veteran And Talented Lyricist Azazel Drops Intense Track “Armageddon”

Born in Trinidad but raised in Brooklyn, indie rapper and talented lyricist Azazel is making waves in the music industry. The New York emcee that needs no introduction, Azazel lets his music and work in the booth do the talking for him. The marine veteran fuses his passion for music and talented artistry to create unique tracks that listeners from all walks of life can enjoy.

Azazel’s latest release “Armageddon” boasts the grit of a Brooklyn raised veteran, while remaining contemporary and hard-hitting. The intense banger “Armageddon” showcases Azazel’s gifted songwriting ability and flawless flow. The song exudes Azazel’s confidence in the most effortless way. I love the fusion of experimental trap sounds that add a unique swagger to this dope track. “Armageddon” is a track that proves Azazel fully throws himself into everything he curates. The emotion and soul behind his vocals come blasting through the speakers. Azazel uses music as an outlet for what he’s been through and it’s presented in the most raw and artistic way. Give a strong nod to the power of his music and make sure you keep up with Azazel and his future releases!

Check out “Armageddon” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us more about how you got started making music?

I started making music as a way to cope with the stresses of war while in a combat zone. My comrades encouraged me to continue because they knew it would help with my PTSD. I would of never been able to start to grow and build my sound my sound without my platoon.

How did you come up with this stage name?

I first heard the word Azazel in a movie called “Fallen” with Denzil Washington. Azazel was a character in this movie, a supernatural entity that could transfer their consciousness by touch. In other words move from person to person just by touching that person. I thought to myself that would be great if I could do that with my music, touch people in a spiritual way that they could feel what I feel.

What’s the meaning behind your track “Armageddon”?

Armageddon initially started off as a challenge, my best friend challenged me to make a unique song. When I asked him what do you mean, he replied;”I want you to make a song using as many words that start with the letter U”. He had picked damn near the hardest letter to work with, but I accepted the challenge. If you listen carefully to the track you can hear over ninety different words that start with the letter U. Later the track turned into something so much more, I talk about a wide range of topics while still keeping true to the challenge.

What emotions do you have to channel when creating your music?

I think about all my brothers in arms that have fallen and did not have a chance to live out life the way they wanted to.

What’s next for you and your career?

I plan to release my first ep on all digital platforms, shoot a video to put it on worldstar, and I’m currently working on getting an article write up in XXL Magazine.


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