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MARIS BEN Encourages a Deeper State of Consciousness with, “I Hear Them”

MARIS BEN is a Tunisian singer, composer, and songwriter based in Paris, France. She began her musical adventure at the age of 12 and began writing music by the age of 15.

She plays the guitar, ukulele, and keyboard and has had various professional experiences from classical orchestras to music bands.

The pandemic has been hard for everyone and MARIS BEN is here to tell her story. Her new single, “I Hear Them,” walks us through the path of darkness she discovered within herself, and how she used this as a way to heal from inner wounds, make peace with herself and share wisdom and light with those around her in a collective society she thinks has failed by design.

This song kicks off with a tranquil sonic landscape comprised of harmonious synths and subtle, yet rejuvenating percussion sounds. With its essence of spa music, the backtrack of “I Hear Them,” immediately triggers a psychophysiological relaxation response within the listener.

MARIS BEN further transports us into a deeper state of consciousness with her fragile vocals that will continue to caress the ears of the listener long after the song is over. After producing an atmosphere of explicit serenity, MARIS BEN slowly switches gears into more of a dramatic and pensive experience.

The tranquil production in combination with MARIS BEN’s songwriting that will have the listener questioning their beliefs creates the introspective masterpiece that is “I Hear Them.”

MARIS BEN has 'awakened,' have you?

We love that the lyrics of “I Hear Them,” encourage introspection within the listener. Can you tell us what the main message is behind your lyrics?

I think like everyone, I have a love/hate relationship with society: not liking it bossing me around but also knowing that I’m linked to it by force and cannot live fully detached from it. I have to be honest, there is so much anger in the lyrics as if through them I was speaking to my old self or to anyone who is found in that position of being completely lost and not finding their place and themselves and try to take their side. Through my lyrics, I wasn’t seeking to blame anyone who’s lost, I personally think we all have tried being fake at a certain time in our lives and that is completely okay because that is a way for us to learn who we really want to be, the only trick to it, is to not be lost in the fakeness that the society imposes us. And that is what I wanted to convey through my lyrics, I wanted it to act as a “wake-up call”, we might not be able to change society to shape it exactly how we want but we can find our own inner balance with it.

When it came to the songwriting and the entire creative process of “I Hear Them,” what was your main inspiration for the song?

To be honest, when I wrote the song, I was going through depression which I think is normal due to the pandemic and the endless lockdowns I had to go through in Paris, France. And to top it off, the skies of Paris were very grey for a week straight and it accentuated what I was already feeling and so I knew that had to face my demons and one of them was society and the other was my very own worst enemy: myself and the voices in my head. I never wrote such a song before where I face my demons, it made me feel vulnerable but also powerful as I felt ready. I felt relieved after it, it is so satisfying how we humans have the ability to turn something so ugly into something beautiful and creative.

We were entranced by the natural essence that radiates from the production of “I Hear Them.” Could you tell us about the production and the recording process?

“I Hear Them” is a very important song to me for many reasons. It is the first project I work on with a team. I usually work solo and do almost everything on my own but not with this one. And what is beautiful to me is that the team I worked with is a team I have never met in real life, we worked on the whole song in distance and I find that magical, I never met those people but I can feel their emotion and soul in my song! It all started when, I shared a short demo of the work in progress with I-Pku a Gabonese Music composer and producer based in Tunis, Tunisia; and to my surprise, he loved it and suggested that we co-produce. I still remember the goosebumps I had when he sent the first demo! And then through his contacts, we added real instruments such as the violins and the bass guitar.

I had the recording done in my university as I have access to the studios there but for the mixing, it was done in Bluebox Studio Tunisia with I-Pku behind it!

How does “I Hear Them” compare to your other songs? Has your music style evolved over time?

Definitely! I’m discovering new things every day about music and about myself. Over the span of a year and a half of music production, I can see my style changing and evolving and I’m so happy about it! “I Hear Them” is more of a Pop Alternative vibe, it is also edgier and bolder. It shows a part of my personality that has been eclipsed a bit in my other songs, but now I’m fearless to show. I think this song marks a new chapter for me in the music-making!

What's next for you?

I have many other projects in the making! Another single will be released this summer and it will also be co-produced with I-Pku! I’m so excited about it! So stay tuned on my social media, Spotify, and youtube for new projects to come!

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