Marissa Valdez Paves the Way for Feel-Good Pop With Her Debut Single “Heart Won’t Stop (Remix)”

Hailing from San Antonio Texas, pop artist Marissa Valdez releases her upbeat debut single “Heart Won’t Stop”. Giving the music industry a flare of youthfulness, the 17-year-old singer/songwriter strives to create music that simply makes people happy. Having studied at Berklee School of Music in 2019 and finalizing her debut EP for release, she’s ready to take her music to the stage. Recently releasing her debut single “Heart Won’t Stop”, Marissa Valdez brings her genuine songwriting to the forefront with this single. Capturing themes of lost love and the emotions we feel, but more importantly showing resilience by bouncing back and not letting it dim the light within.

The cheerful single opens with rhythmic piano moving into a gripping kick, giving “Heart Won’t Stop” an anthemic pop feel. As Marissa Valdez graces us with her fresh and vibrant vocals, she begins singing the lyrical journey of a relationship gone south. Although the initial lyricism seems a bit contradicting to the supporting production, it perfectly evens out at the chorus with poised lyrics like “If you say no, if you let me go, baby you should know it won’t be the death of me”. Impressively channeling lessons that we’re all still learning today, Marissa Valdez shows incredible maturity through her finely-calibrated single “Heart Won’t Stop”. Be sure to check out Marissa Valdez’s single to get a sneak peek of her upcoming EP.

Listen to “Heart Won’t Stop” here.

Hey Marissa Valdez, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very impressed by your poise and empowering lyrics on your latest single “Heart Won’t Stop”. Could you share how you learned such important lessons by the age of 17, all to create an anthem for hope with “Heart Won’t Stop”?

I think the lyrics of the song fit many situations that we encounter in life and not just relationships.  Bad things will always happen in life, but our life will continue. The song “Heart Won’t Stop” emphasizes the strength needed to fight through life’s curveballs and always continue on with a strong heart.

The songwriting and lyrics on your debut single “Heart Won’t Stop” are incredibly deep and carry a great message. Could you elaborate on Marissa Valdez’s a songwriting/creative process, and how you translated your emotions to lyrics?

I write every day.  The words that I put on paper, well on my phone, and sing are my everyday thoughts and emotions.  I appreciate that people relate to what I feel and write about as well.  If I can connect with at least one person who is feeling the same way I do, then I’ve done my job as a songwriter.

Marissa Valdez mentioned that the stage feels like home to you, which is why you write plenty of songs to stay there longer. Are there any songs in particular (originals or covers) that are your favorite to perform? What makes you resonate so well with the song?

I’m interested in all genres of music. A few years back my parents bought me a retro "boombox" from the 90s along with a hundred different cassettes (spanning many genres) and I plan to do covers from a lot of those cassettes.  I hope that people will listen to my music and hear that it is influenced by music genres across the board, but that also that my songs have a uniqueness to them. Although not released yet, my favorite song to preform is one of my own called “Ride”. It’s has a lot of passion packed in it and it makes for a fun performance when I sing it. 

We’ve heard you recently finished recording your upcoming debut EP. What should we anticipate from Marissa Valdez’s sound on the EP, and overall atmosphere of the project?

Well, this is my first recorded EP and, although I've always wanted to record, I'm new at the studio.  My producer, Chris Lieck, has done an amazing job of mentoring me through the process. The overall atmosphere of the EP is self-reflection and confidence. I put songs on it that I feel people can listen to and use to empower themselves when they relate to them. I think this EP is a good introduction of what my music style is and who I am as an artist which is why it is named “Marissa Valdez”.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I will be releasing singles off my EP and then eventually the EP as a whole. I am also recording news songs that are not on the EP.  2020 will be difficult for all.  If I can connect with people and make them happy for a few minutes, I will feel accomplished.  I fully expect to expand and grow as an artist with more music to come and I plan to keep BuzzMusic updated every step of the way!