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MARNEY Sings of Pure Nostalgia With Their Sophomore Single, "Fireflies"

Hailing from downtown Los Angeles, the alternative pop duo MARNEY releases their sophomore single and induces chills in listeners everywhere with "Fireflies."

Meeting on the road while touring with other bands, vocalist Crystal Douesnard and guitarist/bassist/producer Thomas Moore later discovered their shared passion for creating something refreshing. Hitting the studio in late 2019/early 2020, MARNEY finalized an abundance of songs scheduled to release this year.

Exploring nostalgia through their sophomore single, "Fireflies," MARNEY takes us into a progressive and tropical house atmosphere through the warm electronic production by Thomas Moore. Not to mention Crystal Douesnard offering an ethereal performance while passionately singing of the desire to relive the old and carefree days.

Hitting play on "Fireflies," the song begins with a filtered synth melody and bright piano keys that float amid the high-end. Once a pulsating bassline and punchy drum kicks start to pour through our speakers, the same fluttery high-end makes its reappearance alongside Crystal Douesnard's soothing vocal delivery. While singing of wishing to hold on to fireflies as she used to as a child, we genuinely feel we transported back to our youth through each heartfelt lyric.

We must note the punchy and crisp electronic production by Thomas Moore, as he's fueled the song's atmosphere with incredible vibes, sonically serenading us with each tender melody and energetic feel. Throughout the entirety of this single, MARNEY comes together to push nostalgia from all corners while reminding us that our lives are just beginning.

Find the daydream of a single, "Fireflies," on all digital streaming platforms, and get to know the irresistible stylings of MARNEY as they continue releasing music throughout the year.

Congratulations on releasing your sophomore single, "Fireflies." What inspired your duo to create a song surrounding childhood and adolescent nostalgia?

First of all, we are total 90's kids and really spend a lot of time reminiscing on simpler things. We also really feel that during such uncertain times, nostalgia for our childhood is really something we tend to hold onto.

How did the two of you share the sonic creative process for "Fireflies"? What was it like creating such a densely emotional sonic atmosphere?

We have a really incredible producer, Nick Zagorin, who really helped us create a perfect atmosphere for the vibe of the song. We wanted the song to feel uplifting and hopeful but also spark a sense of nostalgia and we feel that it was definitely accomplished. The recording process of the song was definitely very fun. We would adjust the lighting in the studio and definitely take the necessary steps to capture the right mood.

How did you want your audience to feel after listening to the nostalgic lyricism within "Fireflies"? How did you write your lyrics to be universally relatable?

As we have previously stated, we really want people to listen to the song and feel a sense of hope and also maybe spark some memories for simpler times in their lives. The song definitely has a lot of vulnerability as well, especially in the bridge, which we feel a lot of people can relate to. We all remember those times when we were younger when we felt totally invincible. As we get older, we find ourselves longing for that feeling again.

Should we expect more bright and lush electronic approaches through your upcoming releases, similar to the sounds of "Fireflies"?

Absolutely. In our songs, we really try to create an atmosphere that fits the overall message. So you'll just have to stay tuned!

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

We really appreciate all of the support for our songs and we really hope that they spark emotions in you like they did for us when we wrote them.




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