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Marquis Storm Is Living "Proof" That The Roots Of Hip-hop Live On

Marquis Storm began writing songs at the age of 13 years old in his hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. With a conscious flow and up-tempo bravura, he has entertained crowds by keeping them mesmerized on his larger than life performance techniques.

Having opened for such artists as The Ying Yang Twins, Bubba Sparks, Yonas, Kosha Dillz, Steve Stone, Yelawolf, and Bone Thugs & Harmony, Marquis Storm remains influenced by numerous artists coming out of the ’90s and mid-2000s.

With his most recent single, “Proof,” Marquis Storm immerses his audience with a funk-fueled, nostalgic performance. Paying homage to the unmatched traditional roots that the genre of Hip-hop embodies, Marquis Storm embraces this lively jam with a pep in his step as he bounces his charisma onto this record. It’s hard not to get up out of your seat as you instantly begin swaying from side to side deep in the moving rhythms produced by the instrumentation.

As you get lost in the reflective state that Marquis Storm produces in his wistful delivery, a sense of better times and insightful memories wash over your headspace. By not allowing complexity to overrule the already powerful verses that he performs, Marquis Storm has actually created an environment fueled by tried and true musical techniques.

We’ll warn listeners now, that this melody will be hard to get out of your head as its captivating grasp pulls you into its hold for the greater portion of the day before it decides to release you. “Proof,” has the juice and the squeeze to show for the artistic talents that Marquis Storm personifies. With throwbacks like this, you’re sure to hit repeat, over and over.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Marquis Storm! Congratulations on the release of your single, “Proof.” We love the ambiance that this track holds! Could you please share what moment or story inspired the creation of this track?

Hey you guys and Im glad to be here and thank you. What inspired a song like 'Proof' was my desire to finally find my sound and to tell a story in the process. I've always had this love for 90's hip-hop, especially dance tracks, but this song explores the theme of finding yourself and your truth, and the proof that it is possible to keep head high after losing someone you love. My friend and fellow producer London Carter, aka LC the God, told me about a beat he had recently finished, and he sent it over to me. After I checked it out, I was immediately inspired by the instrumental and the rest was history.

In a generation of Hip-hop that has strayed from the traditional roots, what is your reasoning for holding on to the fundamental foundation in the music that you create?

My reason behind holding on to fundamental roots is because it's simply the fact that we can't forget where we came from, but again it's just because I have always had a love for old school hip hop and I just wanted to add my spin to it, like more of a modern-day feel to the track.

Being a known performer, how has it been adjusting to the new lifestyle that 2020’s events have released?

Adjusting to the new lifestyle has had its ups and downs, but I've been able to share my music by starting my own podcast titled Sip & Chill, which also showcases not just my music, but also gives other artists the opportunity to share their music as well.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the themes and energy produced in, “Proof?"

What I want my listeners to take away from my music is a good time, something you can dance to but a message that elaborates on the fact that that self-love comes from the inside and no matter what happens in your life, never forget that you are a boss.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I am working on a new project called 'Strength, Struggle & Spring Semester,' which will be dropping this summer in July! I am also working on an album titled 'Grad Season,' which will be dropping next year.



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