Martize Whips our Ears into Shape on Latest Release "The Push Up"

Coming to us from Chicago's Westside, Martize is a Songwriter, Producer, Rapper, and Singer creating a diverse catalog of musical creations from his harmonizing melodies, and clever wordplay deliveries.

Hot of the heals of his 2019 '0919' album, Martize brings us "The Push Up" from his June 26th, 2020 record release “iM gOoD lUv, Enjoy." "The Push Up" is a total body workout of sound, featuring a charged, empowering collection of rhymes.

We are introduced to "The Push-Up," with distant rolls of thunder and the patter of rain hitting the ground. A face paced, the emotionally tinged piano plays you into the track as a ticking percussive rhythm explodes over the soundscape. Martize spills his rhymes all over the track like an overflowing downspout; his rhymes are symbolic of the pouring rain we heard at the beginning of the song and are barely contained on this empowering track. As his lyrics expel a confident and powerful display of self-awareness, it's evident, there is no stopping Martize's in his quest for hip-hop domination.

Martize makes it perfectly clear in his rhymes he is here to stay and is steadfastly focussed on his musical targets. Lyrics like "I gotta do the most, gotta do extra so you know that I'm fine," "I don't care how hard times get, I'd never sniff a line," and his explosive chorus, "I'm back at it again, I want to win, no gotta pull it together, down for the count, stop counting me out, I'm in it forever," serve as a powerful circuit of rhymes that invigorates the listener. Get down and give Maretize 20 listens today of his latest release "The Push Up."

Hello Martize and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your charged new hit "The Push Up." Can you tell our listeners a bit more about the track and the central message within?

I made this to encourage every listener to have a winner’s mentality, no matter what comes their way. always put your best foot forward towards your success 

"The Push Up" has an atmosphere of a grueling workout, your rhymes showcasing the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your artistry. Why was this song an important piece to highlight off your new album "iM gOoD lUv, Enjoy?"

This song sets up the story it’s kind of like a second intro after the intro.. it pieces the intro and operation together because the push up is a feeling of being counted out and overlooked over to achieving everything you want to accomplish. 

Since you began creating music how has your sound evolved from where you started?

My sound went from straight rapping to exploring my versatility, knowing when yo harmonize and knowing when to rap. My sound now is more focused on the artistry, rather than just rapping 

Where do you pull inspiration from during your songwriting process?

I pull all of my inspiration from my personal life whether it’s good bad or worse... I write about true feelings.. that I go through and turn them into songs. 

What's next?

My album dropped so next it’s visual time... The Push Up video will drop soon