Marya Stark Lets Us Find Serenity in Separation With Her Single “In Between”

Arizona native Marya Stark makes her way back to the industry with her recent warmhearted single “In Between.” Drawing inspiration for a variety of musical mediums like classical, broadway, storytelling, indie-pop, and folk, which you can hear through her melodic and tender music. With her recent single “In Between,” Marya Stark captures imagery of many burdens weighing on your shoulders and fighting for your happiness only to question the truth. Through beautiful acoustic guitar picking, downtempo drum patterns, and subtle background pads, “In Between” remains a soulful and mesmerizing piece of music.

Opening with what sounds like waves crashing on the shore, “In Between,” gives us a sense of space and separation. While the captivating acoustic guitar picking begins to shine through, Marya Stark’s angelic vocals bring incredible ambiance through her talented and effortless vocal abilities. She sings lyrics of having everything you need to survive, yet still feeling unsatisfied with the truth of being apart from someone. The track takes smooth transitions into a variety of different vocal melodies, all to softly be released into a whole and exhilarating sound at the chorus with well-rounded instrumentals. It’s without a doubt that “In Between” takes a toll on us, emotionally and mentally though stimulating lyrics and peaceful instrumentals. We’re only excited to see what Marya Stark will come up with next.

You can find "In Between" here.