Matching Sox Talk About Their Productive 2019 and Much-Anticipated Debut EP!

Matching Sox is an exciting pop-punk duo made up of Sam Downey on vocals and bass and Jaden Galachiuk on vocals and drums. Does it sound like something is missing? Matching Sox aims to galvanize the current music industry and prove that they don’t need a guitarist to complete their sound. Sam and Jaden are both previous members of the now-defunct band Beyond Oblivion and after hearing each other perform they collaborated to create a project that only contains vocals, distorted bass guitar, and heavy drums. Matching Sox was born and the duo then released their debut single “Wrote This Song”. With the song, Sam and Jaden aimed to write a song that would be stuck in the listener’s head, which is pretty evident from the chorus that sings “I wrote this song so you’d sing along”.

Matching Sox introduces a whole new sound in punk music with the use of only bass guitar and drums and we love it!  More recently, Matching Sox has been hard at work preparing to release their brand new EP “Trusty Little Fox” in December, then they are headed out on tour shortly after! You can catch a sneak peek of the EP by checking out the live version of their new original song “Escapegoat” on Youtube. 

Listen to Matching Sox’s new music here and read more below!