Matia's Sweet-Like Vocal Texture Will Leave You Stunned in Her Latest 'There Is Love'

Gigging all around Southern California, the amazing Matia is now joined by her incredible band, all of whom come with a long list of accomplishments including both Gold and Platinum records! Matia has an amazing comforting sound that will bring a sudden feeling of warmth to her listener.

With an amazing sweet-sounding single called “There Is Love”, her artistry is unbelievably attractive. Matia’s music is something you can’t just receive from anybody else. It has this special unique flavor that’s riveting and fully refreshing to your energy. It’s the kind of music that you turn to when you need a relaxing escape and smooth-sailing mood. The beautifully played chords and melodies on the instrumentation help Matia’s soft and delightful voice float across the production. The arrangement of the tracks is what helps the listener follow alongside the storyline of the music thanks to the poetically bold lyricism that will strike you as memorable. Matia is the artist to look out for. Bringing back pure authenticity, and love into the music industry at a time we need it the most!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Matia! Mind telling our readers a bit about your upbringing and background?

I was raised in the outskirts of Washington, D.C. In a family from Greek immigrants. Honestly, it was a very prejudiced time, and that had a huge influence on me as a very young child. I never fit in. I always identified with people of color or of less fortunate than my own. That upbringing was strung together with my refusal to allow myself to be placed inside any package anyone wanted to put me into. This is where There Is Love came from.

Where do you grab most of your influence from? What was the main inspiration behind your mellifluous single “There Is Love”?

There Is Love came from much of what I said in the last question coupled with the pain I have endured from all of the judgment I have experienced in my own life. I am not a minority, so it would seem life should be an easy flow, but it isn't always just because of your race or your perceived religion. I have been singled out in a lot of ways by many people because I see things differently. I am exhausted from all of the hate in this world and I want to do everything I can to change that every minute I am breathing. That is where There Is Love came from.

Describe to us the creative process to “There Is Love”. Did you stumble upon any obstacles or challenges?

No one thought that There Is Love should be the title track of my last album, but I just could not feel settled with any other song. There Is Love, IS Matia. It says everything about who I am as a human being, as an artist, and is the umbrella under which all of my other songs fall. My husband who is my best friend talked me into having the confidence to make it my title track and to have it be the focus of my latest album. I am so glad I listened.

What’s your personal favorite element to “There Is Love” from your artist’s perspective Matia?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the guitar recorded by my producer, Ken Mazur and also the Cajuns that were laid down by Davey Chegwidden, my percussionist. I could listen to it over and over again.

What has been the most monumental moment in your career so far for you and why?

The most monumental moment in my career was when we debuted our first album Blind at Brittfest 2016. It was my first performance in years after a very long hiatus from music. I was overwhelmed by the response from the audience that poured down from the main stage that night (they were there to see Colvin and Earle) and the audience who had not yet made their way in and were lined all up against the outside of the fence surrounding our stage. I was overwhelmed with fighting tears. It was the performance of my life for sure because ultimately, all one wants to do as an artist is reach and touch people. That night we did.

Since a new decade is approaching us, what are you looking forward to in the future Matia?

I really am only focused on continuing to write material that can impact people's hearts deeply and reaching them. I need help with the reaching part. Hoping to gain that.