Matt Nakoa Delivers Vulnerable Excellence With “Love Is A Loaded Gun”

New York State native Matt Nakoa is an award winning singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He’s known for his passionate and heartfelt originals and intense piano chops. Born on a small goat farm in New York State, Matt trained to be a concert pianist before accepting a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music as a vocalist. After establishing his dramatic songwriting craft with his college alternative rock band, The Fens, Matt ended up in NYC. Manhattan's all-night piano bars allowed Matt Nakoa to truly shine in his element. His sultry and alluring sound arrangements demand to be heard.

Nakoaʼs newest album, Casting Shadows, is a spellbinding blend of pop, soul, and classical influences that tells a story of childhood dreams crashing headlong into grownup reality. “Love Is A Loaded Gun” is a melancholic piano ballad layered with Matt’s hard hitting vocals. Nakoa pours his heart and soul into every element of “Love Is A Loaded Gun”. This track gives the listener a retrospective look at Matt’s meaningful thoughts on love. It weaves through the powerful and on top of the world feeling that you have when you’re in love, but also highlights how if love goes wrong it can be detrimental. Matt paints a vivid and emotive soundscape. Soulful and authentic to the core, Matt Nakoa creates music that resonates with his listeners. Stay on the lookout for Matt Nakoa!

Check out “Love Is A Loaded Gun” here.


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