Matthew J. Delivers Hard-hitting Electronic Hit “Like Everybody Else” Ft. Amanda Murillo

DJing since college, Matthew began his career playing through bars and small clubs in New Jersey. In 2010, he earned a residency at the famed Le Souk Restaurant & Lounge in Greenwich Village, holding the Friday and Saturday night spot for 7 years. During this time he played all throughout NYC, with appearances in Boston and Miami as well. Matthew J.’s records are clear representations of his DJ sets, bringing a unique blend of chill house tracks blended together that keeps the energy moving. His music is relaxing and positive, & his sets make you feel like you're in the middle of a musical story. 

Matthew J.’s newest track “Like Everybody Else” is an awakening take on Dance/Pop. Electronic synths and a light backbeat give the track a fun-loving vibe. Featuring Amanda Murillo on vocals, the Lennon Stella cover song “Like Everybody Else” is layered with Matthew J.’s impressive flare. The veteran DJ proves his admirable skill set by turning “Like Everybody Else” into a high energy track. Perfect for poolside and partying, Matthew J not only creates pleasing sound arrangements in “Like Everybody Else” but he curates an experience for his listeners. Allow Matthew J.’s transporting sound to take you on a journey. Let the layers of mesmerizing music paint a soundscape in your mind and escape reality for awhile. Matthew J. allows his listeners to get lost in the intoxicating rhythm he has created. “Like Everybody Else” slowly picks up into a smooth blend of keys, synths, bass, and angelic vocals. All of these elements fuse into one incredible track. No boundaries or rules can limit Matthew J.’s extensive and ever growing sound. 

Check out “Like Everybody Else” ft Amanda Murillo here and read more below in our interview with Matthew J.!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Matthew! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and how you got started in the music industry?

Thank you! And for sure. I guess my start was in college when I started deejaying but I think when I started getting regular bookings in New York is when I started to take it more seriously.

How long have you been making music and what inspired you to pursue it?

Actually producing my own music I'd say about 2 or 3 years. Most of my inspiration to start creating my own was just from all the years of seeing how good people felt when I was out playing. Deejaying is essentially people watching for the extent of your set and seeing so many people forgetting about whatever was going on in their life for a little bit and just enjoying themselves to something that you're doing is a surreal feeling. So producing my own music is really just my way of being able to provide that same feeling to people but all the time, not just when I'm deejaying.

How did you translate your theme into sound in your track “Like Everybody Else”?

The original by Lennon Stella is such a beautifully written song I really didn't do much with the chord progression or anything for this cover. I've worked with Amanda before so I already had a pretty good idea of how she was going to sound & I also knew the direction I wanted to take the end result. I created a real bare bones track for Amanda to record over, like some pads drums and a little bassline. I went in afterwards with her vocals and built the pianos and everything else around her voice.

What made you fall in love with Electronic music and how does this influence how you create the music you make today?

I grew up listening to the classic Louie Devito NYC Underground albums but I think what really hooked me was seeing Tiesto when he was on his Kaleidoscope Tour in like 2009. The influence on this has on how I create my own music now I think is just like I had said before. I remember the feeling that night gave me and I just want to share that with everyone else through my own music.

What is it like collaborating with other artists? Does this boost your creativity?

I really enjoy it, I think everyone can learn something of off everyone else. Or at least I feel like I can always learn something from someone else hahaha. I've had great mentors coming up through the industry and I've been very fortunate to meet singers from all over the world that have been nothing but amazing to work with. I've worked with artists in LA and Italy whom I've never even met in person but we vibe so well together. I've worked with another girl from that I've actually became friends with and met a couple times out here in New York. All three of these artists I met through Instagram. The internet has opened up so many different doors and collaborations with other artists is one of the biggest doors it opened. You never know who someone else will know either and in this Industry, you're always one song and one contact away from your entire life changing.


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