Max Landry Takes It All In Stride With His Latest Single, "Go Down"

From his hometown of Detroit to the glam of Los Angeles, the self-produced pop/hip-hop artist and singer-songwriter Max Landry releases his first single of the year, "Go Down."

Having produced for hip-hop artists like Boldy James, Max Landry continues to write and produce for various international artists through many different genres. One of the most sought out vocalists in the dance scene, Max Landry has had his music played by David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren.

Jumping into 2021 with his recent single, "Go Down," Max Landry ties in an incredibly heartfelt and saddened lyrical message that sings the struggles of overcoming a breakup and trying to spring back into action. While fusing the sonic ambiance of pop music and the heavy kicks of hip-hop, Max Landry has truly outdone himself with the arrangement and delivery within this piece.

Diving into "Go Down," we're met with pulsating synths, snappy drum breaks, and Max Landry's warm vocal portray. As he begins singing of the trouble he's experienced from a broken relationship, he offers this