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Max Landry Takes It All In Stride With His Latest Single, "Go Down"

From his hometown of Detroit to the glam of Los Angeles, the self-produced pop/hip-hop artist and singer-songwriter Max Landry releases his first single of the year, "Go Down."

Having produced for hip-hop artists like Boldy James, Max Landry continues to write and produce for various international artists through many different genres. One of the most sought out vocalists in the dance scene, Max Landry has had his music played by David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren.

Jumping into 2021 with his recent single, "Go Down," Max Landry ties in an incredibly heartfelt and saddened lyrical message that sings the struggles of overcoming a breakup and trying to spring back into action. While fusing the sonic ambiance of pop music and the heavy kicks of hip-hop, Max Landry has truly outdone himself with the arrangement and delivery within this piece.

Diving into "Go Down," we're met with pulsating synths, snappy drum breaks, and Max Landry's warm vocal portray. As he begins singing of the trouble he's experienced from a broken relationship, he offers this uplifting and regenerating feel through the celestial production that rains on us with passion and life.

We adore the harmonies that Max Landry delivers within this single, as his layered vocals offer a well-lit and luminous space that sings us into bliss. Through the modern and anthemic production, the song takes off into the stratosphere with each synth and melody that serenades us alongside Max Landry's emotional lyricism.

"Go Down" with Max Landry's latest single, and experience his raw emotion and tender lyricism that's bound to relate with each listener that graces their ears onto this moving and tender piece.

We love the emotional yet realistic message you've placed into your single "Go Down." What pushed you to write and create this piece?

Not every song is written because of some singular act that inspired you to create something beautiful. I'm a songwriter. This is just what I do and who I am. I didn't need any push or inspiration to write the song itself, I needed the emotion. And when I was in the right headspace and vibing to the right music, the song just came out. For me its persistence. I know when an idea is good, but being mentally in the right place to openly address and pull out what's needed of you isn't always easy. I knew I had the right idea, and just needed to work at it. And I did.

What did you want your audience to grasp from your lyrical content within "Go Down"? How did you want them to feel?

I'm not exactly trying to convey any message or teach some sort of lesson with this song. It's more of a statement piece. When a relationship ends, someone comes out feeling like the loser. It's shitty and not fun for anyone. But that's ok. Being handed a loss isn't always a bad thing. It may hurt but ultimately it helps you grow as a person.

Seeing as you're self-produced, what sort of atmosphere and vibe were you going for when creating the sonics for "Go Down"?

My studio is filled with plants and big windows for sunlight and airflow. For too long I was in the small dark basement set-ups. I don't want to always be confined to a dark secluded space. I want to feel relaxed, unintimidated, ready to open up whatever emotion finds the surface.

How does your single "Go Down" stand out from the other songs in your discography? Do you usually touch on such genuine and emotional topics within your music?

My discography is all over the place. I produce for a lot of Hip-hop and RnB artists. Most of my personal stuff is stripped-down singer-songwriter vibes and I do a ton of toplines for dance producers all over the world. But "Go Down" stands out as a straightforward Pop record. Big 808s, sequenced drums, some vibey sampled vocoders. It's a fun production. As far as lyrics go, it's always different. Some songs call for a more genuinely emotional and personal story, others are simply for the enjoyment of the moment. Music can be whatever you want it to be, it doesn't always have to be so serious.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I've got a ton of records in the pipeline. 2 full albums as a producer/singer with one of my good friends, Koncept. A bunch of dance collabs with producers from all over. But i'm going to be releasing a lot more self-produced tracks. "Go Down" is just the start. I'm excited about 2021.



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