Maxine Davis Is Back with Another Soulful Hit ‘Say Yes’

Hi Maxine and welcome to BuzzMusic! We noticed that you identify yourself as a healer. Do you use music to heal others or do you have another meaning behind this title?

I do feel as if music is an amazing healing agent. It can touch its listeners in a personal and heartfelt way. The reach it has is unbelievable!

So, I guess you can say I heal through the music I create, as well as, my company Crystal Eyes Healing which offers Crystals, jewelry, classes, energetic healings, intuitive readings, and so much more! You can check it out here:

"Say Yes", is so relatable. I think we can all say we've had this desire to text an ex. Is this song reflecting on personal experience, if so can you explain?

Say Yes was pulled from many experiences that my family, friends, and I have gone through. We have all had a relationship or even friendship breakdown in a not so great way.

This song is about putting your ego to the side and trying to right a wrong in a situation that has gone sour. Hoping that the person on the receiving end will understand what is at stake and want to repair the connection too.

"Say Yes" really highlights your soft and powerful vocal range. Have you ever received formal vocal training?

Thank you! I have been lucky to have received training from some amazing vocal coaches. Shout out to Ronnie Labeau and Roger Love!

Being a talented Singer and Songwriter, what was the process for "Say Yes"? Did you draw on any new techniques or muses for this creation?

It was something that came overnight. I literally wrote this song the night before I went into the studio. I wrote about my experiences as well as those that the people closest to me have encountered. Say Yes is a song about total acceptance. Accepting your partner’s good side and shadow side. It is also about letting them know that you will be there by their side through every storm.

Thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic. You have such a unique voice and memorable lyrics. What does the future look like for you, any plans album releases?

Full Album is in the works and I just created a new single with my team that should be released very soon. To stay in the know, follow me on all my social media! Thanks!


Listen to "Say Yes" here.