Maze Theory Fuses Indie-Electronic And Rock To Create “Wild”

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Maze Theory is an eclectic new band that bends genres and diverse musical style to create a truly authentic sound. Through slick instrumentation, powerful, thought provoking lyrics, and modern production techniques, this crew has been able to release two brand new singles, “Addiction” and “Wild”, in the last month. Over time, this project has developed into a full blown movement in which each track reflects the incredible chemistry that these musicians share.

“Wild” begins with a haunting piano melody and slowing transitions into an explosive single. The vocalist is practically ethereal as her angelic vocals take the listener on a journey through the versatile soundscape. The three piece Maze Theory blends their authentic indie-electronic sound into a fusion of sounds to create a brilliant musical chaos. It echoes through the speakers and demands to be heard. Mixing the rock driven melodies with an individual and pummeling rhythm, “Wild” is mesmerizing and an incredible addition to the band's repertoire. Well on their way to many more spectacular releases, I highly recommend you stay on the lookout for Maze Theory. 

Check out “Wild” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Thanks for chatting with us Maze Theory! Can you tell us more about how Maze Theory was formed? 

No problem, thanks for having us! Maze Theory was formed when we entered a sort of Battle of the Bands competition at our University. We had all been playing music together for a while but had never doubled down to play any shows or anything, so the competition became the perfect opportunity to finish what we had been working on and to finally put on a show. After making the final four in that contest, we just kept the momentum going and began playing shows all over Vancouver!

What is the meaning behind the lyrics in "Wild"? What do you want your listeners to take away from this song?

“Wild” is about reconciling the person you want to be with the person you really are. It’s about learning to live with your imperfections and letting go of the pressure to be something you’re not. We hope listeners take away the message that you can accept the flawed human that we all are and still lead a beautiful and meaningful life. 

Where in the world would you love to perform?

I think we would be game to perform just about anywhere, honestly. But doing a nice sunset beach set in Ibiza would be a nice option if we had to pick just one.

What’s your favorite lyrics in “Wild”?

“I’ll be a lake instead of the sea, but just as wild and deep”

Who influences your style? What sparks your creativity?

Artists such as The XX, Phantogram, Alt-J, and Glass Animals are some of the first groups to come to mind. We try to create meaningful songs built around powerful lyrics that bring a combination of live instruments layered over modern production techniques. We all come from a diverse background in music tastes so we try to pull whatever we can from just about anything!

What's next for Maze Theory?

Check out our other new single, Addiction, which just came out around the same time as Wild. We are always writing and looking for performance opportunities, so make sure to follow us to be the first to hear about them!


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