MC Zappa Strikes Up Old School Flow With His Latest EP, "Hindsight"

Hailing from Atlanta, the Rapper, Producer, and multi-instrumentalist MC Zappa releases his nostalgic EP 'Hindsight.'

Best known for challenging modern-day production techniques with an old school approach, MC Zappa takes his bit-hop rap (8bit video game music) and effortlessly blends it with nostalgic golden age hip-hop.

With his latest EP 'Hindsight,' "MC Zappa takes us through his highs and lows and stuns us with the intoxicating flow that takes us back to the golden age of hip-hop. Not to mention the dynamic production, the track's sonic aspects provide vast dimensions that flawlessly supports MC Zappa's many messages.

The EP begins by providing a similar feeling to the premiere of a major motion picture. With the first track "Superhero," the intro consists of bold brass orchestration and a crowd applauding with excitement for what's to come. Dropping into this lively old school beat, we're grooving away with the fierce instrumentals. As MC Zappa begins rapping, his flow is so nostalgic and tight, effortlessly exuding his immense talent. He raps a confident and self-assured message of knowing that his art is unique, and he's aware that others won't meet up to his distinct way of creating music. MC Zappa has already shown us what he's made of, and impressively all within the first track.

With a bright opening through the next song "Time to Wake Up," we're met with groovy brass instrumentals, subtle electric guitar, and the overall mid-tempo head-bopping beat. MC Zappa begins rapping a powerful message of justice towards black lives and empowering them to steer away from those who portray ignorant and blatant prejudices, especially through marketing techniques and propaganda. He also spits rhymes that have us question where and who is feeding us our information, as it's common for information to be incredibly misleading and biased. MC Zappa truly provided a hi-fi wake up call with this track, and leaves us wondering what's real and what's not.

Moving on to the intimidating and poetic masterpiece "Grim Reaper," MC Zappa went in with authority on this piece. Right from the bat, MC Zappa jumps into his surreal flow and begins rapping a strong message. His underlying production remains relatively simple, yet incredibly effective as it exudes this haunting and pressuring atmosphere through eerie keys and powerful drum breaks. MC Zappa goes into this intimidating and brutally honest flow and scares other MC's and rappers away with his expansive vocabulary and tight delivery. One of the most dominant tracks we've heard to date, MC Zappa takes our breath away once again with this fearless track.

With the next track "Dolorem Ipsum," MC Zappa goes into a more reflective and introspective approach. Starting with bright and chiming keys overtop a bouncy old school beat, MC Zapps goes in and begins sharing his woes that only the microphone will understand. Once again, his flow is truly astounding, and what makes his delivery all the more compelling are the genuine lyrics he's reciting. Rapping about common and saddened themes that we all go through, MC Zappa explains that he still sees hope through all the madness, but questions if he's hallucinating. MC Zappa assures us with this track that inner-power will resurface once having transmuted that sorrow into wisdom.

Bringing the old school vibes to a high with the outro track "Act Like You Know (Outro)," this minute and a half tune is an ode to artists, rappers, and MCs that keep the rap game alive and thriving. The track's production pours this groovy mid-tempo beat down on us and bounces with pulsing brass instrumentals and toe-tapping kicks/snares.

MC Zappa thanks producer Infinite Allah for guiding him, while also thanking his artistic mates who've helped keep the golden age of hip-hop alive. A perfect outro track, similar to the credits of a movie that began with the intro track, MC Zappa has clearly crafted this EP with many different concepts.

Ending off the EP "Hindsight" in an incredibly humbling way, it's safe to say that MC Zappa's rhymes will stick around with you long after the day is done. Giving us a taste of what hip-hop was like decades ago, MC Zappa has done a phenomenal job of keeping this art form alive, especially with his EP 'Hindsight.'

Hello MC Zappa and welcome to BuzzMusic. Your latest release "Dolorem Ipsum" is truly impressive! How long have you been creating music? Thank you, it’s great to be here. I’ve been in this game (pun intended) for four years now. I started in early 2016, after seeing the film “Straight Outta Compton” with my mother. That movie really inspired me heavily, man. Yes...I’ve been making music since 2016, and I created Bit-Hop in February of that year.

You've taken an old form of Latin phrasing ("Dolorem Ipsum" ) and perfectly linked the messaging and meaning behind it. Where does the process for you to begin when creating a song?

Honestly, many people may not know this but I’m a huge Latin nerd, haha! But as far as the musical aspect goes, I usually start with a nice and dusty drum break and then play my synths on top of it once I’m satisfied with the pattern and the compression rate. Of course, what I do next after I beef up the drums varies, but 9 times out of 10 I start with a ill break and build up from there. People don’t really use drum breaks anymore nowadays, but I brought that aspect back to hip hop, which I think is pretty dope. But as far as the lyrical aspect, it’s far less formulaic and much more stream-of-consciousness. I see and hear a lot of things in the world on a daily basis, and some of them really make an impression on me, so much so that I’m moved to want to write about them. And sometimes songs start from random phrases or ideas I hear, and I can specifically pinpoint what the inspiration was (for example, “The Beast Named October” was inspired by a line I heard in an Eminem song in 2016) But at the same time, no matter what I’m exposed to, my mind is like a faucet. I quite literally can’t stop thinking of rhymes. Even as we’re doing this interview, a few come to mind! What is the music community in Atlanta Georgia like, and how has your sound been influenced by it? Two words: Competitive and oversaturated. I don’t think people truly understand just how many artists there are in Atlanta. Everybody and they mama raps or produces; everybody and their mama got a mixtape. So that kind of environment really inspires you to work hard, develop a unique brand, and set yourself apart from the pack.  And while the city definitely has a bunch of sui generis talent and personality (don’t forget who gave the world Outkast!), Atlanta’s greatest influence on my sound is probably just that swagger—that game. (again, pun intended) When you hear MCs from Atlanta on the mic, they’re just cool, you know? Confident. You can hear that Atlanta spirit in tracks of mine like “Drop Tha Bass”.

"Dolorem Ipsum" includes many messages of perseverance and triumph over past hurt. What feelings in your music do you want to incite for the listener? Above all, I want to inspire consciousness, confidence, and self-love. You know, that’s a big part of the personal struggle I face as an artist—I’m on the pro-black, self-empowerment tip (“conscious” if you will), and I see so much wrong in the world that needs to be righted that I just can’t help but speak on it, but at times I feel like I’m introducing no levity whatsoever, which isn’t good. For every wartime, there must also be peacetime. Striking that balance can be a challenge for me, but ultimately, I just try to embody those principles laid out by Afrika Bambaataa in my music: peace, love, unity, and having fun. What's next for you? Oh boy...where to start! My release schedule for the next few years is packed. As for the short term, I got an ill Bit-Hop single called “Magic (Sorcerous Phunk)” releasing in Q4 of this year.  As for the long term, next year my sophomore album “Legend Of Zappa” will be released (“Magic” is a single from that album), which will be the first LP produced under my label, Too Much Phunk Records. I can’t really give spoilers on what else I’ve got up my sleeve for the future, but you can bet that it’s got much more than just a mere modicum of heavy soul.