Mechanical Roots Release Their Stellar New Song "Broken Record"

Mechanical Roots is an Alternative Rock group whose music is a mix of slamming heavy guitar riffs, dynamic evolving vocals, and intense drums that keep a rock steady feel to them. Since their formation, they have released an EP and two singles and is now ready to release their first full-length album.

Mechanical Roots recently released their intense new single "Broken Record" and it is jam-packed full of tidbits that any listener would be able to enjoy. It features a perfectly grimy bass, punchy intricate drum grooves, detailed guitar tones that drive the record forward, and an epic honest vocal performance that holds a ton of energy in it. The vocals perfectly sit on top of the evolving wave that the band sets up during the verses before shifting into an edgy powerhouse in the chorus that cuts through with its intense melody and pure energy. There is an incredible sense of chemistry within the band that sets up to create the perfect rocking wave of energy that we will be keeping on repeat.

Listen to "Broken Record" here.