Meet the Artist Exploring Genres and Sounds as He Elevates His Original R&B Sound

Furthering his musical aspirations Slique has surpassed his previous release "Make Up," featured on BuzzMusic, and is back with his hot new EP 'Back To You.' Hailing from New Jersey, this up and coming R&B artist is exploring genres and sounds he feels elevates his original R&B sound.

Since the age of five, when Slique playful sat down to a piano and started experimenting with keys, he's always known music to be his path. It wasn't until others started recognizing his talent that Slique began to take his hobby seriously and set course on cultivating his sound.

Drawing from personal experiences he's lived through, Slique infuses his music with honest and thought-provoking themes. Slique uses these experiences to grow and build a formidable recognition of his music. Never being more focussed and mentally in tune with his music, Slique is focussing all of his energy on creating more fresh sounds to unleash on his listeners. We cannot wait to hear what firestorm he unleashes next.

Discover "Back To You" here.


Hi Slique! We’re happy to have you here on BuzzMusic. We know you’ve had a passion for music since the age of 5 when you started playing the piano. Where do you think this passion comes from? What drove you to take it on as a career? It definitely came from being around the church choir as a kid. That’s where I first laid my hands on a piano key. I’d say what drove me to take this serious was others seeing my potential before myself. We really enjoyed listening to your album, “Back To You”. What can you say about the inspiration for the album as a whole? Was there any artist who influenced you or subjects you touched on that define the overall vibe? Inspiration for the album as a whole was basically off of things I went through at the moment. Artist, I would say influenced the vibe overall would be drake and Bryson tiller. Those are the guys I look up to the most. Do you have a favorite song off the album? Why does this one, in particular, speak to you and what’s the meaning behind it? One of my favorite tracks would have to be “ice cold”. Nowadays people you’d least expect turn on you and which kinda leaves you a little cold-hearted. With what I been going through I could definitely relate to that. Do you have any ultimate goals as an artist? Are any of these being put into place in the near future? The main goal as an artist is just to grow & build a strong brand tbh. Kinda want to have a selection of singles that start a movement or new wave if that makes sense.

What's next for you?

As far as what’s next, I’m just gonna keep the consistency going and drop some heat singles until the next project.