Meet the Artist Mixing It up With Genres and Vibes: Mr. Blue

From Paris to London UK, Mr.Blue is taking inspiration from funk, hip-hop, Afro, pop, house along with RnB, and infusing it into his pictorial works of sound. This independent singer/songwriter expertly dives into a song's aura to create an atmosphere that entrances the listener.

Mr.Blue had almost called it quits on his music career, with overwhelming attention being placed on other projects, his music career took the sidelines for almost six years. It wasn't until a trip to LA reignited his musical passions, propelling him to create music filled with light, humor, and upbeat tempos that mixes cultures and vibrations alike. Mr.Blue thinks of himself as a storyteller first and creates all his songs in a story rich environment. Mr.Blue's sound has evolved since starting out, beginning as a rapper, he found his voice was more adapted to sing Jazz and Crooner type melodies so in true Mr.Blue style he decided to mix it all together and settle on the eccentric product that is: Mr.Blue. #BUZZMUSIC