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Megan Vice & Valiant Vermin Drop A New Music Video, “Never Gonna Get With Me”

Recently releasing their ultra-serious yet tongue-in-cheek single, "Never Gonne Get With Me," singer-songwriters Megan Vice and Valiant Vermin are back with an equally cheeky music video for the smash hit.

Megan Vice, the New York-born, LA-based pop artist, is praised for her glamorous style, eclectic music blending disco, funk, rock, and R&B, and witty, unfiltered lyrics, contributing behind the scenes as a songwriter for RuPaul's Drag Race and more. Teaming up with Philippines-born, LA-based artist Valiant Vermin, the two ladies are smacking the scene with a message that needs to be heard loud and clear.

Don't get us wrong — the gals did a superb job highlighting the 'Hollyweird' politics and challenges faced by women in the music industry in the single. They both bring the message to light in a playful, vibrantly confident way, standing their ground and knowing damn well that their artistry is what'll bring them success, not giving in to the potential "opportunities" of sexual behavior.

But now, Megan Vice and Valiant Vermin bring the message home in the new music video for "Never Gonna Get With Me." While chilling in their multi-colored robes, wrapping towels around their heads, and reading Architectural Digest in an LA backyard, they make one crystal clear: they're doing just fine without sacrificing their self-worth and pride. Amen to that!

We love the blasé appeal of the video, perfectly backing up their message of women's empowerment while giving us a chuckle in the process. As they lounge around the yard, relishing the views and each other's company, they bring the video to an end in a calm, cool, and collected manner. A perfect representation of how "unbothered" they are by the industry's politics.

Treat yourself to the visually appealing and empowering music video for "Never Gonna Get With Me" by Megan Vice and Valiant Vermin, now available on YouTube.

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